Flexa hires blockchain and digital assets veteran Michelle Ann Gitlitz as General Counsel

Michelle brings over 20 years of experience spanning traditional financial services, digital assets, and blockchain technology. Flexa Just now·3 min read NEW YORK — Flexa, the leading pure-digital payments network, is pleased to announce that Michelle Gitlitz will join the firm as General Counsel effective October 1. Michelle brings over 20 years of experience to … Read more

Regulatory Progress Is A Sign Of Crypto Market Maturity

Over the course of just a couple of years, decentralized finance leapfrogged the products and regulatory frameworks that took decades to put in place.  Sponsored Sponsored The fact that users can interact with financial products on the smart contract level, and essentially build programmable money as opposed to products, is empowering and disruptive.  Not unlike … Read more

Uniswap Restricts Access To Synthetic Assets In DApp UI

The Uniswap team has restricted access to several dozen tokens from their user interface, leaving users questioning the role of decentralized governance in the move. As of today, we have started restricting access to a small number of tokens at https://t.co/liqYXtQoM2 These changes pertain to the interface at https://t.co/liqYXtQoM2 — the Protocol remains entirely autonomous, … Read more