Ethereum Mining Now Live, DAO Voting for Growth Roadmap to Take Place Next Week

RAMP DEFI Dec 1 · 2 min read We are excited to share that rUSD minting is now available on the Ethereum network! The rUSD cross-chain bridge between Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum will be ready within December, which means that rUSD liquidity can be freely transferable across major DeFi ecosystems once it goes live. … Read more

RAMP Liquidity Incentives in Binance Smart Chain Now Live!

RAMP DEFI Nov 30 · 4 min read We are excited to share that the RAMP Liquidity Incentives Program on Binance Smart Chain has officially started! The RAMP collateralized stablecoin lending protocol allows users to deposit assets at high APYs while borrowing against these assets at the same time, allowing for a highly efficient asset … Read more

RAMP-rUSD Asset Market Launching on BSC Alongside Liquidity Incentives in 12 Hours!

RAMP DEFI Nov 29 · 3 min read With the launch of RAMP’s Liquidity Incentive Program just 12 hours away, we are excited to share that the RAMP-rUSD asset market is now supported on the RAMP platform! The RAMP-rUSD LP token can be created by going to PancakeSwap, and adding liquidity for the RAMP-rUSD LP … Read more

RAMP BSC Liquidity Incentives Launching on 30 November 2021 02:00 UTC

RAMP DEFI Nov 23 · 3 min read Liquidity Program Commencement on Binance Smart Chain We are excited to share that the RAMP Liquidity Incentives on Binance Smart Chain shall start on 30 November 2021, 02:00 UTC time. The RAMP collateralized stablecoin lending protocol allows users to deposit assets at high APYs while borrowing against … Read more

RAMP Partners with Syyx To Blitz-Scale User Growth and Marketing For RAMP 2.0 Roadmap

RAMP DEFI Nov 17 · 3 min read We are happy to share that RAMP has partnered with Syyx, a full suite marketing agency ran by former executives of the Cardano ecosystem and domain experts, to deliver the upcoming phase of its RAMP 2.0 Roadmap. Blitz-Scaling User Adoption For RAMP The first phase of RAMP’s … Read more

ZAP Function Now Live on RAMP V2!

RAMP DEFI Oct 7 · 3 min read The ZAP function has now been added to help users make deposits more easily on the RAMP V2 optimized lending platform. With ZAP, users simply go to the asset market in which they wish to make a deposit, select any token which they are willing to swap … Read more

RAMP DEFI | Staked Governance Beta Release

RAMP DEFI Sep 16 · 3 min read On-chain DAO proposal/voting functionality We are excited to release the beta version for RAMP DAO governance that allows RAMPers who have staked their tokens to both raise proposals and vote on proposals to implement changes to RAMP DEFI. The governance voting will give a measure of broader … Read more

For GRT Delegators: RAMP Indexer Reward Distribution Update

RAMP DEFI Sep 9 · 3 min read RAMP DEFI’s Indexer Nodes were launched on 7th January 2021, backed by early GRT investors who seeded the initial GRT required to commence node operations. Creating Reward Liquidity For Delegators Currently, the Graph reward structure requires Delegators to undelegate their GRT in order to receive their GRT … Read more

rStake Update: V1 Discontinued for V2 Integration

RAMP DEFI Aug 31 · 2 min read NOTE: For users using RAMP V2 and not participating in rStake V1, this update does not affect you. rStake was launched in December 2020 to integrate the cross-chain staking facility for different blockchains such as IOST, TOMO, and TEZOS, where users can stake their native tokens to … Read more

wETH Collateral Asset Added To RAMP DEFI On The Polygon Network

RAMP DEFI Aug 25 · 2 min read We are happy to announce that the wETH single collateral asset is now live on the Polygon Network! Users can now stake their wETH into this loan market and earn staking rewards of 0.169% APY, then borrow rUSD stablecoin against their assets at zero borrowing fee for … Read more