Introducing the Initial Spot Markets on Canary Chain

We are proud to announce the initial spot markets available on the Canary Chain. The initial markets will include the following: Injective, Sushi, Graph, Polygon, Aave, USDC, Ethereum, USDT, Uniswap, and Chainlink. All markets were proposed and voted on by a decentralized community using the Injective governance module. If your favorite project was not listed … Read more

The UpOnly Exchange is Live

The UpOnly exchange is now live! UpOnly exchange is one of the first Injective relayers to go public. UpOnly exchange is powered by Genesis Block Ventures (GBV), a prominent investment firm. Injective was created with the intention of far surpassing the capabilities of every single DEX in the market today. The ability to deploy new … Read more

Injective Mainnet Staking Walkthrough

Welcome to Injective’s Mainnet staking walkthrough! This guide will show you how to stake your INJ and start earning rewards. Injective’s user interface abstracts away the complexity from the end-user and allows everyone to stake their tokens in just a few steps. Injective token holders can transfer ERC-20 INJ tokens from the Ethereum Mainnet to … Read more

Full Spot and Perpetuals Trading Release on Equinox

Today we are introducing an entirely revamped Injective exchange. Users can test spots and perpetual contracts for a wide array of markets on Injective in preparation for our upcoming mainnet launch. The release marks the culmination of a number of major improvements across the frontend user interface as well as core backend logic for our … Read more

Equinox Trading Walkthrough

Welcome to Injective’s Equinox Exchange walkthrough. We aim to collect feedback from our community in a short period of time to ensure that the exchange’s functionality is working properly before we release our Mainnet. In the meantime, we are making preparations for the Genesis Ceremony and the deployment of our Peggy Bridge. This walkthrough will … Read more

Derivatives Governance Launch

We are thrilled to launch Injective governance for derivatives markets! Starting today, users participating in Equinox staking will be able to propose new derivatives market listings for both perpetuals and futures contracts. The governance process is a core component of our decentralized protocol and will serve an important role in our upcoming mainnet release. In … Read more

The Injective Insurance Fund

We are thrilled to release the Injective Insurance Fund. All users will be able to interact with the Insurance Fund shortly, which will serve as a key step for launching decentralized derivatives on Equinox. In this piece, we will delve into the conceptual background of the role of an insurance fund in derivatives exchange as … Read more