This Week In DeFi – May 13

To the DeFi community, This week, TerraUSD took center stage for unfortunate reasons, as the third-largest stablecoin lost its peg – sending Terra’s native LUNA token into a “death spiral”. Kick-started by an apparent attack on the system, a significant de-pegging of UST to the dollar resulted in a rush to the exits by token … Read more

PancakeSwap December Recap — Ready For 2022

PancakeSwap Jan 7 · 8 min read IFO 3.0, the second round of trading battle, #PancakeChristmas event and NFT drops. The kitchen is cooking up something BIG! Data Recap Overall Total Volume: $35.4B Average Daily Volume: $1.1B Unique traders: 4.4M Unique onsite users: 15M 8 CAKE staker reward pools (syrup + boost) BNB won in … Read more

PancakeSwap November Recap — The Kitchen is Growing Fast

PancakeSwap Dec 7 · 9 min read The kitchen’s growing bigger and bigger! More chefs, more IFOs, TradingView charts, and… more stuff on the horizon SOON(TM)! Data Recap Overall Total Volume: $48.4B Average Daily Volume: $1.6B Unique traders: 5.5M (+24% MoM) Unique onsite users: 19M (+58% MoM) 12 CAKE staker reward pools (syrup + boost) … Read more

New Vaults (PancakeSwap BSC)

New Vaults (PancakeSwap BSC) We know you guys love the farms from PancakeSwap, so the team worked hard over the previous week to bring a total of 34 of such farms as vaults to our platform! What’s not to love with the vaults from Autofarm with these: ✅ best auto-compounding strategies✅ lowest fees ✅ earn AUTO … Read more

New Vaults (PancakeSwap BSC)

New Vaults (PancakeSwap BSC) Autofarm is thrilled to be bringing new PancakeSwap vaults to our platform! Users can now experience the best auto-compounding strategies at the lowest fees to earn the highest yields possible on 7 fresh new PCS v2 vaults. Vaults PancakeSwap (BSC) PancakeSwap is no stranger to Autofarm. As one of the earliest supported … Read more

Set your Calendar — Pera Finance SHO is only 1-week away!

Pera Finance Just now·4 min read PERA Token SHO will take place on the DAO Maker Platform between 16th — 18th of June 12:00 UTC. Proud and Excited! We’re happy to announce the details of Pera Finance (PERA) Strong Holder Offering (SHO) on DAO Maker. SHO event comes after a successful strategic fund-raising round that … Read more

Pera Finance Meme Competition

Pera Finance Just now·4 min read Pera Finance Meme Competition is here! 🔥 1,000 USDT is waiting for the best meme creators! We are proud and excited to announce our very first meme competition! Everyone is very welcome to create unique and custom meme/GIF to compete for a total prize of 💰 1,000 USDT 💰. … Read more

Details of PERA Token Economics

Pera Finance Just now·4 min read Last month we announced the successful close of the PERA Token private & seed rounds. We are pleased to announce the details of the PERA Tokenomics. With only a few days left until our seed SHO on DAO Maker, we would like to share with you the details of … Read more

Blizzard.Money Tutorial — Including SaferMoon

Blizzard.Money Tutorial — Including SaferMoon How to get started in DeFi on Binance Smart Chain and start staking Safermoon Yeti together on Blizzard.Money! To all our new friends, we welcome you with open arms to the Binance Smart Chain and Blizzard community! We understand you may be confused about some things so we wanted to provide you … Read more