What Opyn Users Should Know Ahead of The Merge

opyn Sep 12 · 2 min read Opyn supports The Merge and does not have plans to support any forks in our web app. Opyn will only work on the canonical chain that is moving to PoS. If a canonical PoW ETH fork emerges, the Squeeth interface will not support forked PoW Squeeth, vault NFTs, … Read more

Crab Strategy Auction Tutorial: How to Trade Squeeth with Better Pricing and Less Slippage

Wade Prospere Sep 8 · 4 min read The crab auction is the best kept secret of the crab strategy 🦀🤫 The auction squeethportal.xyz/auction usually trades at better prices than the Squeeth front end! This article covers: Reasons to Participate Interface Overview Auction Tutorial Post-auction Analysis For context, the crab strategy allows users to earn … Read more


Joseph Clark Aug 2 · 4 min read A calculator for your crab ITP: How does crab return move with ETH return? How does crab return move with implied volatility? What is the expected apy of crab? What is the expected transaction cost of crab? Crab is a volatility strategy built on opyn’s squeeth. The … Read more

Automated Squeeth Strategies: Crab v2 Is Now Live

Wade Prospere Jul 29 · 7 min read The heroic Squeeth Crat morphing into v2, a better, stronger, wiser version of its previous self Important details: Where to Trade: https://squeeth.opyn.co/strategies Chains supported: Ethereum Mainnet Deposits: ETH When you DO want to be deposited: When the price of ETH is calm (i.e. not volatile) When you … Read more

The Auction for Everyone: How Crab v2 makes DeFi more accessible

rΞgan.eth Jul 28 · 4 min read Our new auction mechanism is the most significant improvement from Crab v1 to v2 (aside from raising the caps, of course). Our new auction mechanism accommodates Squeeth traders of all sizes. Now both retail folks and market makers alike can participate! You may be wondering why people participate … Read more

The Cartoon Guide to Opyn’s Crab Strategy

rΞgan.eth Jun 24 · 4 min read When it comes to understanding perpetuals, everyone in the know will send you Dave White’s Cartoon Guide to Perps. Something about cartoon Dave (and his pal Perpus cryptoeconomicus) just clicks with people. The popularity of his cartoon guide inspired me to create my own. So, without further ado, … Read more

Superfluid collateral for squeeth in the Uniswap pool

Joseph Clark Mar 21 · 5 min read Superfluid means you get to do more stuff with your collateral. In the squeeth ecosystem this is enabled by allowing Uniswap v3 LPs to be collateral for short squeeth. This means that You can earn yield on short oSQTH collateral, and You can take active bets on … Read more

Participating in the squeeth crab auction

Joseph Clark Mar 7 · 5 min read The crab strategy holds a daily auction selling or buying oSQTH for eth. Anyone can participate if they have enough of whichever crab is buying. This guide covers the basic ideas to get started with the auction: Crab strategy recap How crab hedge works How the crab … Read more