Understanding Perpetual Vaults in DeFi: Structured Products with Underlying Options Strategies

Wade Prospere Sep 29 · 23 min read Table of Contents: Intro Selling Covered Call Options vs. Selling Put Options Covered Call Strategies in Action Ribbon Finance: ETH Covered Call Vault (T-ETH-C) Stake Dao: Active ETH Covered Call Strategy (Active ETH CC Strategy) Ribbon Finance: BTC Covered Call Vault (T-WBTC-C) Stake Dao: Active BTC Covered … Read more

Build a call option on OPIUM

Riccardo Biosas Sep 27 · 7 min read The Opium protocol is a universal protocol to create, settle and trade virtually all derivatives and financial instruments in a professional and trustless way. It allows anyone to build custom exchange-traded products on top of the EVM-Compatible blockchains. Once created, they can be traded freely via a … Read more

Introducing Opyn Developer Toolkit

Wade Prospere Jun 25 · 8 min read tl;dr — Today we are announcing the release of Opyn’s Developer Toolkit, a suite of resources to make it easier for developers to build options products in DeFi. BUIDLIng in DeFi just got easier! Since launching v2, we’ve been talking to some amazing devs about building really … Read more

Partially Collateralized Options — Now in DeFi

zk – Zubin Koticha Jun 6 · 11 min read Mechanism — Opyn partial collateralization Why do we need a margin system? One of the biggest limitations of DeFi options so far is how capital intense they are to mint — users have been required to post 100% of the strike price as collateral. In … Read more

Announcing WBTC Options

Wade Prospere Apr 2 · 3 min read We are so excited to announce that WBTC options are coming to the most powerful, capital-efficient DeFi options protocol. In addition to WETH-USDC options, Opyn users will be able to trade WBTC-USDC options on Opyn v2 starting Thursday, April 1st. Since launching Opyn in February 2020, more … Read more

Opynaut Options Investor Profile | AlphaSerpentis

Amethyst C Feb 20 · 5 min read The Opynaut Options Investor Profile is an interview series that spotlights Opyn’s Opynauts, a group of passionate community members dedicated to spreading knowledge about Opyn, options, and everything DeFi. Hello! What’s your background? Hello, the name’s Amethyst or Ammy. I am a college student currently working towards … Read more