Olympus H1 2022 Report

Over the last year, Olympus DAO has implemented a number of initiatives to improve understanding of how the DAO is executing on community authorized and mandated initiatives. Today, we are pleased to announce another transparency initiative: the Olympus DAO quarterly report series. The first report provides information about DAO activities during the first half of … Read more

OlympusDAO Fundamentals: The Foundations of Web3’s Decentralized Reserve Currency

OlympusDAO is building OHM, a community-owned, decentralized and censorship-resistant reserve currency that is deeply liquid, asset-backed, and used widely across Web3. Welcome to OlympusDAO We invite everyone to join our mission to become the global, community-owned, and decentralized financial reserve system for web3. In fact, OlympusDAO has attained astounding success in its first 12 months, onboarding … Read more

Introducing Olympus Grants

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) Olympus is officially launching a grants program! The 13 grantee beta launch is well underway! New partnership with Gitcoin! Co-funding with WAGMI Inc and KlimaDAO $1.5M budget Seeking projects that enhance Olympus’: Knowledge, Utility, & Infrastructure Especially seeking projects that serve markets or communities under-represented in web3 in order to keep driving economic growth … Read more

Olympus Pro Recap: January 2022

Ohmies, welcome to the Olympus Pro recap where we’ll be covering all of the developments, highlights, and data around Olympus Pro on a monthly basis. These blog posts will replace our cohort announcements from last year so that we can provide insights into what’s going on with Olympus Pro and our partners. Highlights To start the … Read more

Vesta Finance x Olympus Incubator

Vesta Finance Joins the Olympus Incubator Program Hello Ohmies — we are pleased to announce that Vesta Finance has joined Olympus Incubator and will LBP on January 31st, 2022 with official launch a few days after the three day event. Our partnership through the Olympus Incubator program, will bring utility to Ohmies and bring further value to … Read more

Building an EconOHMy

Olympus’ journey is one that will be written in the history books. In March 2021, the first foundational brick of Olympus was laid in Discord. Olympus has since become one of Web3’s most revolutionary protocols, reshaping Decentralized Finance as we know it. Olympus’ mission to position OHM as crypto’s premiere decentralized reserve currency aims to … Read more

Olympus Pro Spotlight: Keep3r Fixed Forex

Olympus Pro Spotlight is a series where we highlight our Olympus Pro cohort partners to give Ohmies insights into what our partners are building, how their token works, and why they chose Olympus Pro. What is Keep3r? According to their docs, Keep3r is a decentralized keeper network for projects that need external developer operations and for external … Read more

Announcing: Olympus Incubator

Our goal at Olympus is to create the reserve currency for DeFi. In order to achieve our lofty ambitions, we must build the greatest digital economy in the world: the econohmy. The former cannot exist without the latter. “We shall strive to enable radical ideas to become reality. Through this, Olympus (itself a radical idea) becomes … Read more