Mint & Sync

Deepening OHM Liquidity With Mint & Sync One of the primary objectives outlined in the Olympus12 Action Plan is to bootstrap deep OHM liquidity. As discussed in the plan, the ideal reserve currency is highly liquid and can be easily exchanged for other assets, products and services. To date, Olympus has utilized liquidity bonds as a … Read more

Olympus Fundamentals: Encouraging Usability Through The Utility Pillar

Ohmies, Welcome back to the final part of the Olympus Fundamental Series. If you’re new or need a refresher, you can read the first Olympus Foundations article, where we provide an overview of OlympusDAO and who we are, what we’re building, and why we’re doing it. Olympus is being built with three supporting structures: Reserve Pillar … Read more

The Olympus Treasury Dashboard

One of the most incredible facets of DeFi organizations is the fact that most things on the balance sheet are transparent if you know where to look. It is commonplace for protocols to list all of their smart contracts, treasury addresses, and multi-sig wallets in their official documents so that DeFi participants can see, on … Read more

Olympus Fundamentals: Universal Acceptance Through The Liquidity Pillar

Ohmies, Welcome back to the Olympus Fundamental Series. If you’re new here, go back and check out the Olympus Foundations article, in which we presented an overview of OlympusDAO about who we are, what we’re building, and why we’re doing it. Next, how Olympus is being built can be broken down into three supporting structures: … Read more

Olympus Fundamentals: Preserving Purchasing Power Through the Reserve Pillar

Welcome Ohmies, In the first part of the Olympus Fundamentals series, we shared the foundations of Olympus by defining the Who, What, Why, and How of Olympus. In short, OlympusDAO is building OHM, a community-owned, decentralized, and censorship-resistant reserve currency that is deeply liquid, asset-backed, and used widely across Web3. Built on top of this strong … Read more

First Principles of Liquidity: Olympus’ Balancer Pool

Occasionally, enterprises arise together that complement each other in astounding ways. Through Olympus’ collaboration with Balancer, we have realized one of those distinct alignments. Balancer, with it’s novel and limitlessly custom liquidity pools, along with LBP (Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool) front-ends facilitated by both Copper and PrimeDAO; will create a harmonious symbiosis within the Olympus ecosystem … Read more

Introducing Inverse Bonds

Inverse Bonding is a new tool for OlympusDAO to increase $OHM’s liquid backing and absorb market volatility. Bonding has always been the cornerstone of Olympus. We put ourselves on the map by introducing bonding to DeFi as a way to drive protocol-owned liquidity (POL). Not only have we made this a reality for ourselves (with … Read more

Introducing Olympus Grants

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) Olympus is officially launching a grants program! The 13 grantee beta launch is well underway! New partnership with Gitcoin! Co-funding with WAGMI Inc and KlimaDAO $1.5M budget Seeking projects that enhance Olympus’: Knowledge, Utility, & Infrastructure Especially seeking projects that serve markets or communities under-represented in web3 in order to keep driving economic growth … Read more