Oh My xDai! How to Unlock New Incentives with Sushi on xDai, Tutorial

Sushi Jul 22 · 6 min read Sushi has deployed on several chains now, and we are very much excited to heat things up even more this summer by including support for xDai. To incentivize usage, an additional $2M in liquidity will be provided for select trading pairs!! Detailed instructions follow. If you are familiar … Read more

We! Are! Family! Use Sushi on Harmony: A Harmony Bridge Tutorial

Sushi Jul 5 · 4 min read Last week we announced the full-stack partnership with Harmony, including the $4M in incentives for liquidity mining and Kashi lending. Not to mention, the $1M in Hackathon incentives which will focus on onboarding software engineers from traditional finance to DeFi. Today, we will show you how to participate … Read more

Inside the 2FA-Enabled Chef’s Jacket with Nori-San: What’s the Password?

ayoki Jun 19 · 10 min read So I guess the question that I always ask everyone, to begin with, is, what is your role at Sushi? I am the SushiSwap Security Team Lead and I’m responsible for the security at Sushi in general. That entails operational security, more team activity-related, and more tech-heavy stuff … Read more

SUSHI + MISO: The Perfect Combo

Sushi May 12 · 6 min read MISO: Minimal Initial SushiSwap Offering Sushi’s newest product to rise from a governance proposal is, aptly named, token launchpad platform, MISO. You voted for it, so we got to work and over the last few months, we took the initial MISO proposal and tailored it to meet the … Read more

Inside The Chef’s Jacket with Joseph Delong-san—Sushi NFT-Connoisseur & CTO

ayoki May 7 · 9 min read How did you first hear about Sushi and get involved? I heard about Sushi pretty early on, I guess right after it had launched. It was definitely center stage of the whole DeFi summer and I quickly got into farming it. So, before I started working at Sushi … Read more

Sushi Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds to Secure Kashi Lending and Margin Trading Markets

Sushi Apr 22 · 5 min read Sushi recently launched Kashi, an innovative lending and margin trading protocol that uses a unique risk isolation architecture in order to support a broad set of previously inaccessible token pairs for lending. In order to ensure that Kashi markets are secured by a robust and proven oracle solution, … Read more

Inside the Chef’s Jacket: LevX-San is All Chopsticks, No Forks

ayoki Just now·9 min read You’re a bit more behind the scenes these days, so before we get to the usual first question, what were you doing before Sushi? I was creating a crypto lending service on L2 actually. For people who don’t understand what that means, something similar to Compound or Kashi, where people … Read more