Harvest Recap #3 | January 2022

Farms…new farms everywhere & Bloomberg! Dear Farmers, This week was full of new vaults all week long in collaboration with projects like Paraswap, mStable and Popsicle Finance. We are more than excited to work with big brands that share our vision of bringing prosperity to their users. In total, our Polygon section saw 4 new farmlands … Read more

mStable and Balancer DAO Announce Treasury Swap

mStable has completed a DAO-to-DAO treasury swap with Balancer DAO, following the launch of the Emissions Controller last week and the successful resolution of TDP 29. The token swap of 20,000 BAL and 334,000 MTA occurred on-chain, totaling ~US$290K in current market value. Balancer DAO will stake the MTA and vote for its pools with the Emissions … Read more

This Week in DeFi – April 30

To the DeFi community, This week, Polygon (formerly Matic) has broken away from the pack of competing Layer 2 solution providers for the Ethereum Network, with DEX like Quickswap that live on Polygon surging to hundreds of millions in transaction volume each day. L2 DEX trading volume in the last 24hrs: 1 @QuickswapDEX $198,701,299 (29% … Read more

This Week in DeFi – April 23

This week, Balancer officially launched smart contracts for V2 of the token pooling and swap platform, allowing developers to take a closer look before the user-friendly front end application launch scheduled for April 28. The original Balancer architecture already offered some of the most advanced AMM capabilities in the DeFi ecosystem like dynamically adjusted weightings … Read more