MISO: Create Your Token + Auction, A Step-by-Step Guide

Sushi Jun 17 · 4 min read Creating a new cryptocurrency token has never been easier with Sushi’s newest product, MISO. In a few clicks you can have a your secure, yet powerful, asset ready for auction; the optimal way to fundraise for new projects and ideas in this new, digital era. To get you … Read more

Vesper Launches Phase One of Global Ambassador Program

First group includes representatives from China, Japan, Turkey, Russia, and Vietnam Vesper Finance is committed to becoming a truly global DeFi platform for growing crypto assets. As part of that commitment, Vesper has launched the first wave of its Global Ambassador Program that will grow Vesper’s global reach in local communities. Building A Global Community of … Read more

MISO: Cooking New Tokens From Scratch

Sushi May 13 · 5 min read As we prepare for the May 17th launch of our Sushi token launchpad, MISO, we want to share with our community, some of the exciting ingredients that you can cook with. If you haven’t yet, we invite you to read the introductory article for this unique and exciting … Read more

Inside the Chef’s Jacket: LevX-San is All Chopsticks, No Forks

ayoki Just now·9 min read You’re a bit more behind the scenes these days, so before we get to the usual first question, what were you doing before Sushi? I was creating a crypto lending service on L2 actually. For people who don’t understand what that means, something similar to Compound or Kashi, where people … Read more