Tokemak, the Kingmaker of Web3

Leaky Thoughts by Core Contributor Sterling Archer “He who controls the TOKE controls the flow of value.” Background The data-flows of Web2 are rapidly being replaced with value-flows in the form of tokens. This ongoing metamorphosis is the catalyst that propels the evolution of Web3. However, interacting with this liquidity is still far from frictionless. Web3 interactions … Read more

Arbitrum: How to Bridge Your gOHM and Provide Liquidity to Earn Staking Rewards

Welcome to Arbitrum Arbitrum is a Layer 2 optimistic rollup that aims to increase efficiency and lower the costs of the Ethereum network. It does so by running unmodified Ethereum smart contracts through different validators that need to approve transactions in order to minimize the risk of scams or fake transactions. This alternative to Ethereum’s current … Read more

The Balancing Act

Greed is Good… Authored by the Liquidity Wizard Pair Reactors This week marks a seminal moment for Tokemak, with the launch of Pair Reactors. Pair Reactors provide the “other side” of the liquidity generated by Tokemak that gets paired with the assets from Token Reactors — for example the ETH or DAI pair asset is used to construct … Read more

The Final Phase Before Liquidity Deployment: Pair Reactors and Exchange Voting

The Final Phase Before Liquidity Deployment Tokemak is rapidly approaching active liquidity deployment, targeting launch in January. To prepare for this final phase, we’re aggressively expanding and evolving our Genesis Pools into Pair Reactors which will accommodate deposits for a significant amount of DeFi-native stablecoins. Ultimately, the Pair Reactors will provide TOKE holders the power … Read more

Timeline Updates: Remaining C.o.R.E.2. Reactors, Liquidity Deployment, and More

A Tokemech pilot cruising full steam ahead towards Liquidity Deployment A Brief Update for our Pilots: Things may seem quiet in the Tokeverse but the team is in full swing towards active liquidity deployment. Fresh off-the-block contracts are currently under audit by Trail of Bits, with a follow up audit by Omniscia beginning this Monday 12/20. … Read more

WOO Network Expands to Avalanche

WOO’s liquidity network will support the development of the Avalanche Ecosystem by bridging applications, users, and assets to the network. Avalanche blockchain support is now live on WOO Network, a platform that connects users to exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms. Additionally, the WOO token is being added to the Avalanche Bridge, with WOO Network seeding the … Read more

Ignition: APWine (APW) Token Reactor Deposits Now Live

The APWine (APW) Token Reactor is now live for deposits. You may now begin depositing APW and earn TOKE on tAsset Reminder All Token Reactor deposits give you 1:1 tABC assets that are a claim on the underlying deposited assets. If you deposit 10 APW, you will receive 10 tAPW tokens. Please keep in … Read more

Self-Serve IAOs: Best Practices on How to Attract Apes

Everything a Project Should be Doing to be SAFU 🔒 Dear future partner, First of all I want to welcome you to ApeSwap! 😁 As we know, ApeSwap is the safehaven for users on BSC, and we are excited to keep them safe! As Apes, we can all band together to provide a happy and healthy environment … Read more

TOKE Stakers: LD Reactor Voting Now Live (Pre-Liquidity Deployment)

Attn Single Asset TOKE Stakers: Action required to continue earning rewards! (Pre-Liquidity Deployment) LD Token Reactor Voting The next phase of Tokemak is now live. This phase is intended to familiarize TOKE stakers, aka Liquidity Directors (LDs), with the process of voting and balancing the Token Reactors. Similar to the C.o.R.E. voting system, LDs will receive a … Read more

Ignition: SUSHI Token Reactor Deposits Live

The Sushi (SUSHI) Token Reactor is now (finally) live for deposits. Many thanks to the Sushi community for voting to make this happen, and the Sushi team for their support. You may now begin depositing SUSHI and earn TOKE on tAsset Reminder All Token Reactor deposits give you 1:1 tABC assets that are a … Read more