Nervos’ L2 Polyjuice Integrates with Band Protocol to Foster dApps Ecosystem

We are excited to announce that Band Protocol and Nervos Network have completed another milestone: Band Oracle is now live on Polyjuice testnet, a layer 2 solution on top of Nervos CKB, after integrating successfully onto their layer one. This partnership is a further step in completing the shared vision of a secure and scalable … Read more

The 1inch Network expands to Optimistic Ethereum

The deployment on Optimistic Ethereum (OΞ) will help to substantially increase transaction speeds and lower gas fees for 1inch users. As the 1inch Network continues to expand, the 1inch Aggregation Protocol has been deployed on the OΞ mainnet, an L2 solution on Ethereum provided by Optimism. “Optimistic Ethereum is a highly promising L2 solution focused on … Read more

UMA is scaling to every EVM compatible chain

Chandler Jun 16 · 5 min read TLDR: UMA is scaling to Polygon and laying the groundwork to support multiple Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible scaling solutions. Over the past few weeks, the team has been hard at work putting together our scaling strategy, and we are taking the first step with Polygon. This article … Read more

Update: New StablePay Checkout for payments with zkSync

StablePay Dec 14, 2020·2 min read Now when you make your payments or donations through StablePay you will have the option to do it through L2 thanks to our latest integration of the zkSync protocol 🌐. How can I make my payments in L2? When you receive a payment link through StablePay, you will now … Read more

Update: StablePay integrates the zkSync L2 protocol

StablePay Nov 16, 2020·3 min read At StablePay we are working on new ways to solve important issues in the payments segment of the DeFi ecosystem, leading us to integrate new tech that can reduce high transaction costs and optimize transaction speed. We are focusing our development on making a platform that allows anyone to … Read more

Arbitrum Rollup Testnet: full-featured and open to all

Arbitrum Rollup is the first and only fully featured EVM-compatible Optimistic Rollup with a testnet that’s open to all. We at Offchain Labs are excited to announce a brand new Arbitrum Rollup testnet on Ethereum’s Kovan test network. This is an open testnet allowing anyone — yes, that includes you — to deploy Solidity contracts on Arbitrum Rollup now. Today’s … Read more