Kyber Ecosystem Report Jun-Jul 2021

Hello fellow Kyberians, We’re especially excited to come to you with this month’s ecosystem blog as we have a number of important developments. First of all, Kyber is now on Polygon! Yes, you can now swap tokens on one of the largest scaling solutions available to Ethereum today for almost no cost or wait time … Read more

[RU] “Вскоре никто не будет пользоваться централизованными биржами, потому что пользователи теряют…

[RU] “Вскоре никто не будет пользоваться централизованными биржами, потому что пользователи теряют доверие к ним”, — сооснователь 1inch Сергей Кунц Сооснователь 1inch Сергей Кунц уверен, что торговые объемы скоро перейдут в DEX и DEX-агрегаторы. Оригинальное интервью от Camila Russo: Я хочу поделиться с вами своей беседой с Сергеем Кунцом, сооснователем DEX-агрегатора 1inch. Он заинтересовал меня после того, … Read more

Kyber Ecosystem Blog #26 May ‘21

Hello fellow Kyberians! Lets jump right into another packed ecosystem update. The most exciting announcement from our side this month was the proposal to establish the Kyber Network Ecosystem Growth Fund. We believe this new fund is going to turbo-charge liquidity on Kyber and really showcase the benefits of the Kyber Dynamic Market Maker to … Read more

Kyber Ecosystem Report March ‘21

Hello fellow Kyberians, With so much going on this month where do we even begin! We’ve now launched the Kyber Dynamic Market Maker on mainnet, the KyberDAO has approved the KNC migration and is in the process of voting on the upgrade of the KyberDAO itself, we’ve released our Layer 2 rollup research, and a … Read more

Kyber Ecosystem Report Feb ‘21

Kyber Ecosystem Report #24 (Feb ‘21) Hello fellow Kyberians, Development of Kyber 3.0 is now in full swing and the team have started shipping important components of the upgrade. One such component is the upgrade to the KNC token itself which will vastly expand its role in growing Kyber Network and this important upgrade is currently … Read more

Recap: KyberDAO Community Call #3

In this call we touched on what to expect with the announcement of the Kyber 3.0 upgrade and Kyber’s permissionless Dynamic Market Maker (DMM). You can listen to a complete recap of the call here: KyberDAO — Key Highlights We’ve had 16 Epochs so far, with 16 BRR campaigns. Our first 2 Kyber Listing Proposals (KLPs) were … Read more

Kyber Ecosystem Report January 2021

Hello fellow Kyberians, And here it is! Kyber 3.0, the most ambitious and important change to Kyber Network since launch! Consisting of a major architectural overhaul, this upgrade will shape Kyber’s future and allow a new wave of innovation to take place previously not possible on the existing infrastructure. The major overhaul is being accompanied … Read more

Kyber 3.0: Cải tiến kiến trúc, Giao thức tạo thị trường linh hoạt, và đề xuất nâng cấp KNC

Trong năm qua, DeFi đã phát triển với tốc độ chóng mặt và trước đó chúng tôi đã đề cập đến các hạn chế và thách thức về kiến ​​trúc mà chúng tôi gặp phải khi đối mặt với những thay đổi này trong bài post đăng vào tháng 10 năm ngoái. Trong bài này, chúng … Read more