This Week: VSP Listed On Bittrex Global, Earn Beta Coming Soon

Also: Vesper Featured on Bloomberg, AMA with Jeff Garzik, heading to Vegas for Money20/20, and more Vesper Finance Sep 24 · 4 min read “Wen CEX?” VSP is now trading on Bittrex Global! See the Medium announcement for full details. This closely follows last week’s Bitmart announcement. Preparing for Takeoff — Vesper Earn Beta Vesper … Read more

This Week: VSP Listed on BitMart Exchange, August Monthly Report Released, and More

Also: Digital Asset Summit 2021 Review, Messari Mainnet Preview, Zane Huffman Goes Trans-Pacific Vesper Finance Sep 17 · 4 min read VSP Listed on BitMart Exchange VSP is now available for deposit, trade, and withdrawal on BitMart Exchange. BitMart supports VSP/USDT trading and features a fiat on/off ramp for users. August in Review Vesper’s August … Read more

Inside the Head Chef’s Jacket with Maki-San: A Sushi Anniversary Special

ayoki Sep 14 · 11 min read How did you first hear about Sushi? I first heard about Sushi on Twitter by DegenJulian when he posted the SushiSwap medium article. DegenJulian very early supporter of SushiSwap and clearly ahead of the game in terms of branding, by quickly dropping the swap. After that, what made … Read more

This Week: New Compound Grant Proposal, Blockforce Update, vaDAI Employs Vesper Lend in Strategies

Also: Matthew Roszak at DAS 2021 next week, Jordan Kruger at Messari Mainnet on Sept. 21, and an AMA with Michael McQuaid Vesper Finance Sep 10 · 5 min read Compound Grant Proposal Vesper has collaborated with the Compound team on a joint grant initiative for an authorized Compound lending market fork called Vesper Island. … Read more

This Week: Aggressive ETH Pool Enters Beta, DPI August Rebalance Goes Live

Also: All things Vesper and DeFi with Charlie Shrem, AMA with smart contract engineers, SmartCon replay released, and more Vesper Finance Sep 3 · 4 min read Aggressive ETH Pool Launches Into Beta An aggressive ETH pool is the latest addition to Vesper’s growing array of higher-yield opportunities. This pool is routed through Alpha Homora … Read more

This Week: VSP Added to DPI, Vesper Subgraph v1 Goes Live

Also: All things Vesper and DeFi with Hashoshi, an AMA with Zane Huffman, and… a Vesper Samurai? No. Even better. Vesper Finance Aug 27 · 4 min read VSP Listed on DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) DeFi Pulse announced that VSP will be added to the DeFi Pulse Index in early September. DPI is a tokenized … Read more

Vesper Joins DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) in August Update

VSP has been integrated into DeFi Pulse’s “DPI” market basket of top DeFi protocols. Vesper Finance Aug 27 · 2 min read DeFi Pulse today announced that the Vesper token will be included in its DPI index token upon the next rebalance in early September. With DPI, the DeFi-curious can easily spread exposure across roughly … Read more

Announcing SMART Alpha

At the heart of last year’s BarnBridge white paper were two protocols: SMART Yield and SMART Alpha. We’re excited to share that the launch of SMART Alpha is imminent, with a target release between Labor Day and mid-September. Until then, we’ll be doing extensive education around what it is and how you’ll be able to … Read more

This Week: VIP-10 Passes, Revenue/Treasury Discussions Continue, VUSD on Sushi Onsen

Also: Jordan Kruger at Parallel Summit and DAS 2021, Vesper featured in Business Insider, UX/UI AMA with Nayat Cheikh, and more Vesper Finance Aug 21 · 4 min read Treasury V2 Updates Per community feedback, the original Treasury V2 VIP has been split into three separate votes. The first, VIP-10 — which restructured emissions to … Read more

Vespernaut Stories: Cindy Wang

Get to know Vesper’s China ambassador. Vesper Finance Aug 20 · 3 min read Tell us a little more about yourself. Where are you based? How do you make a living? I’m based in Hangzhou and my journey in crypto also started here. In February 2017, I joined the Hangzhou-based 8BTC as an English editor. … Read more