Research: Trade-offs in Rollup Solutions

Transacting on Ethereum’s base layer has become extremely expensive as demand for block space has increased with the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem, while on the other hand, block space supply has remained the same. Interacting with DeFi applications can cost hundreds of dollars in gas and many end-users have effectively been priced out. Rollups … Read more

Kyber Ecosystem Report Feb ‘21

Kyber Ecosystem Report #24 (Feb ‘21) Hello fellow Kyberians, Development of Kyber 3.0 is now in full swing and the team have started shipping important components of the upgrade. One such component is the upgrade to the KNC token itself which will vastly expand its role in growing Kyber Network and this important upgrade is currently … Read more

Recap: KyberDAO Community Call #3

In this call we touched on what to expect with the announcement of the Kyber 3.0 upgrade and Kyber’s permissionless Dynamic Market Maker (DMM). You can listen to a complete recap of the call here: KyberDAO — Key Highlights We’ve had 16 Epochs so far, with 16 BRR campaigns. Our first 2 Kyber Listing Proposals (KLPs) were … Read more

Kyber Ecosystem Report January 2021

Hello fellow Kyberians, And here it is! Kyber 3.0, the most ambitious and important change to Kyber Network since launch! Consisting of a major architectural overhaul, this upgrade will shape Kyber’s future and allow a new wave of innovation to take place previously not possible on the existing infrastructure. The major overhaul is being accompanied … Read more