The 1inch Network is integrated into Dharma

All swaps on the popular Ethereum wallet are now powered by 1inch. The 1inch Network is thrilled to announce that the 1inch API has been integrated into the Ethereum wallet Dharma to power its swap functionality. Now, users’ trades on Dharma will be executed via 1inch, including buying tokens from a bank account, selling tokens to … Read more

How to buy and earn ETH on Bancor

Bancor now offers exceptionally low slippage on large trades of ETH thanks to having the lowest trading fees (0.2%) and some of the deepest liquidity to the token of any DeFi protocol ($385m as of 09/2021). Here, we will show you how to buy $ETH and stake it on Bancor to earn low-risk, passive yield … Read more

NEW — Aggressive ETH Pool Enters Beta

Starting today, the aggressive vaETH pool will be available on Vesper Finance Aug 30 · 1 min read The aggressive ETH pool is the latest addition to Vesper’s growing array of higher-yield pool opportunities. The vaETH pool is currently routing deposits through Alpha Homora. Users can access vaETH on the Vesperdev site. Beyond direct-to-Alpha, … Read more

ETH Trading Competition — Conquer Brill Rewards of $5 000 in BSW!

Biswap Just now·3 min read Splendid ETH Trading Competition on Biswap! Become the best crypto-warrior and struggle for $5 000 in BSW Prize Pool! Total prize pool: $5 000 in BSW Activity Period: 7 days Start: 02.08.2021 (13:00 UTC PM) End: 09.08.2021 (13:00 UTC PM) Eligible trading tokens: ETH Eligibility: users that have had at … Read more

New $LQTY Staking Vault

The Details of the $LQTY staking Vault and Its Story On July 22, Harvest deployed a new Vault labeled Liquity: LQTY, which comes with a story worth highlighting. A few days earlier, on July 18, one of Harvest’s community members, georgeroman has posted a pull request on adding Liquity’s $LQTY staking strategy. Our humble builders quickly … Read more

You Can Now Deploy Eth2 Provider Nodes with ANKR Token

Stake ANKR, earn ANKR As we keep expanding our staking services and add more use cases for our native token, we are happy to announce the first, long-awaited ANKR staking solution on the platform: you can now stake ANKR token to set up an Eth2 Provider node and from it, earn Ankr as your reward! As of … Read more

A new liquidity mining program with Opium

As a follow-up to a highly popular ETH-OPIUM liquidity mining program, another opportunity featuring the OPIUM token will be launched. We are excited to announce the 1inch Foundation’s decision to launch a new liquidity mining program with Opium, one of the most promising projects in the DeFi space. The new program, centered on the 1INCH-OPIUM pool, … Read more

Recap: KyberDAO Community Call #3

In this call we touched on what to expect with the announcement of the Kyber 3.0 upgrade and Kyber’s permissionless Dynamic Market Maker (DMM). You can listen to a complete recap of the call here: KyberDAO — Key Highlights We’ve had 16 Epochs so far, with 16 BRR campaigns. Our first 2 Kyber Listing Proposals (KLPs) were … Read more

vToken Whitepaper Summary

The purpose of this Medium article is to outline key components of the newly released vToken Whitepaper. For a more complete view of the system, the Official vToken Whitepaper can be referenced at: Whitepaper Link Introducing vTokens Users will now be able to move vUSD, vBTC and vDOT cross-chain in a decentralized manner, governed by … Read more