Kyber Community Call #5 July ’21 Recap

KyberDMM progress, Polygon partnership, Rainmaker Liquidity Mining, KNC on Revolut, and more! In the last call, we announced several big initiatives, including KIP-8, which added KyberDMM (Dynamic Market Maker) to Kyber’s liquidity hub and established a Kyber Ecosystem Growth Fund with 42 million KNC to be distributed over 12 months for Kyber’s growth initiatives. In this … Read more

Kyber Ecosystem Report Jun-Jul 2021

Hello fellow Kyberians, We’re especially excited to come to you with this month’s ecosystem blog as we have a number of important developments. First of all, Kyber is now on Polygon! Yes, you can now swap tokens on one of the largest scaling solutions available to Ethereum today for almost no cost or wait time … Read more