Build your first Dapp with RenJS

Tejas Shastry Sep 9 · 20 min read TL;DR You can find the RenJS tutorial here the repo for RenJS here & our docs center here. This tutorial will be available soon under our official docs blog as well. Feel free to reach out via Telegram to ask any questions about integrating via RenJS! Introduction … Read more

Into the Chef’s Jacket with Mudit-San: Head of Exploit Prevention & Spicy Tweets

ayoki Aug 25 · 12 min read How did you first hear about Sushi? I first heard about Sushi back in 2020 when it originally launched. I keep close tabs on the DeFi space. I remember that Sushi just came out of nowhere and got all this TVL, evidently because APYs were quite high at … Read more

VUSD Stablecoin In Beta, Vesper API Docs Released — The Week in Review

VUSD Stablecoin In Beta, Vesper API Docs Released — The Week in Review Also: Global Ambassador Program launches, USDCv3 migration begins, JeffTheBaker does an AMA, Unit Protocol, Ruler Protocol, and… logos. VUSD Enters Beta — A Crypto-native Stablecoin We’re excited to announce that Vesper is actively working on a new crypto-backed stablecoin: VUSD. VUSD is a proposed stablecoin pegged to the … Read more

Reef Chain Developer Support Program

At Reef Finance we are all-too-familiar with the notion that all founders go through the growing pains of scaling a company. As we get ready to launch Reef Chain, we want to ease the building and ecosystem expansion hurdles by offering ample support to projects looking to enter the Polkadot ecosystem to build on Reef Chain. … Read more

Opyn Ecosystem Grants

Wade Prospere Mar 26 · 4 min read Today we’re announcing the launch of the Opyn Ecosystem Grants: Round 1. Since the mainnet launch of Opyn in February 2020, users have traded more than $150mm of notional volume in options with Opyn, and the amount of developers building on top of the gamma protocol has … Read more