Belt Finance IFO: The Biggest IFO Ever

Recapping the Belt Finance x PancakeSwap IFO and the 1st day of Belt Mining The IFO The Belt Finance IFO took place on March 10, 2021, and reached an all time record of 27,083.99% total raised of the target of $3M. This equates to an incredible $812,519,700 USD inflow of assets to the IFO. Biggest. IFO. Ever. … Read more

BadgerDAO Setts Course

A Look At What’s To Come for Badger Badger Finance Hello Badgers, The main purpose of Badger DAO is to support expanded utility for Bitcoin in the DeFi ecosystem. As such, we have set our sights on a variety of initiatives to achieve this goal. In this article we’ll take a brief overview of our roadmap, … Read more

Getting to the Greycore

RenVM Greycore Roadmap Without a doubt, the next biggest step for RenVM is the introduction of the Greycore. In this blog post, I want to give a bit of an overview of what the Greycore is, what features we have worked on in the lead-up to supporting the Greycore, and some more details about how we … Read more

PancakeBunny x YieldWatch

You asked, we listened! Hello, Bunny fam.We are super excited to announce our upcoming partnership with YieldWatch. You have been asking for this collaboration for a long time and we are thrilled to embark on this journey together. Partnering with YieldWatch will provide the Bunny Community with the ability to track and manage yield farming … Read more

MCDEX Partners Integrates Band Protocol to Secure Decentralized Perpetual Markets on Layer-2

MCDEX, a leading decentralized financial protocol for perpetual markets and futures, is integrating Band Protocol to support the upcoming launch of MCDEX V3. With a strategic partnership in place, Band Protocol has worked with MCDEX to implement a highly robust and reliable price feed to secure all perpetual markets on V3 starting with BTC, ETH, … Read more

DeFi Wizard partners with MahaDAO to offer next-gen DeFi solutions

MahaDAO is a stablecoin platform that taps into cross-chain liquidity and brings innovation to multiple layer 2 blockchains. ARTH, the world’s first value-currency is designed to protect people from the loss of purchasing power faced by fiat currencies. Defi Wizard makes composable multi-chain DeFi Legos simple and easy to use. As a one click ‘wizard’ … Read more

Calling All Honey Badgers!

Introducing the Badger Ambassador Program Become an Ambassador We are thrilled to announce the launch of the official Badger Ambassador Program! This program is designed to help Badger and empower committed members of the community to play a crucial role in Badger’s mission for Bitcoin-focused DeFi. What Is The Role of a Honey Badger? Ambassadors — called “Honey … Read more

New Bunny Pools

Congratulations fam! We will soon be adding two new pools to the Bunny Platform by popular demand! We wanted to celebrate our successful halving and show appreciation for the community’s ongoing support for Bunny! Bonus Bunny PoolThe first Pool is a promotional Bonus Bunny Pool that will be active for 4 weeks to celebrate the successful … Read more