Subgraphs explained: Yearning for data

Marco Worms Aug 4 · 4 min read A Subgraph is a service that allows developers and users to query blockchain data using well-known database query languages. In this article, we will explore a Yearn Ethereum Subgraph and learn how to ask it for data (a.k.a. query it). This knowledge is extremely important for web3 … Read more

Amberdata to Deliver Comprehensive Data on Avalanche to Institutional Market Participants

Amberdata’s institutional-grade platform will provide granular data on Avalanche, including key insights into DeFi. Amberdata, the leading provider of digital asset data and insights, will be adding the Avalanche network to its lineup of supported blockchains. The integration will bring granular, dynamic data on the Avalanche ecosystem to financial institutions that can leverage this data to … Read more

Avalanche Explorer: Expanding Subnet Support

Multiple feature releases for the Avalanche Explorer. The Ava Labs team is thrilled to announce multiple feature releases for the Avalanche Explorer. As new Avalanche subnets continue to launch, it’s important that users and builders are supported with quality tools and data to help grow their ecosystem, and showcase their products. Subnet builders are offered … Read more

Decentralized ID: How to Comply with Regulations in DeFi

Decentralized ID:Web3-powered decentralized identity solutions allow users to have better authority over their personal data, says Raymond Hsu, CEO and co-founder of Cabital. Sponsored Sponsored In May 2022, the crypto market was rocked by the rapid demise of algorithmic stablecoin terraUSD (UST). In a span of a few days, the giant lost nearly all of its $60 billion … Read more

Arweave Broadens Decentralized Data Storage Capabilities on Avalanche

The integration gives Avalanche users an affordable means of long-term data storage paid for using Avalanche wallets and AVAX. Arweave, a decentralized solution for archiving data using a blockchain-like “blockweave” and a proof-of-access consensus mechanism, has expanded to Avalanche. Now, Avalanche users can utilize Arweave to store records, files, metadata, and other data. Arweave strives to … Read more

Defy Trends Brings Analytics Platform Using 1M+ Data Sources Including On-Chain Metrics and Social…

Defy Trends Brings Analytics Platform Using 1M+ Data Sources Including On-Chain Metrics and Social Sentiment to Avalanche The integration provides an all-in-one information hub — where members can gain tokens by interacting with the data platform, learning about crypto (learn-to-earn), and submitting their own original research. Defy Trends, an AI-powered analytics platform using 1M+ sources of data, … Read more

Avalanche Data is now Available on Nansen

Nansen users can now access a rich suite of data across the Avalanche blockchain. Nansen, one of the most widely-used platforms for on-chain DeFi and NFT analytics, has launched its support for Avalanche. Nansen users can now access blockchain data on the Avalanche network, including dashboards for high-level overviews and deep databases of historical information. … Read more

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