We Are Orb Collective

Orb’s mission is to scale global utilization of Balancer Protocol. Every idea starts with a problem. Balancer’s was simple. How does the Protocol decentralize influence and decision-making without sacrificing efficiency? The success of a protocol is only as strong as the entities that contribute to and support the growth and evolution. Out of this problem … Read more

My First Impressions of being a contributor at Yearn.

Kish Feb 25 · 3 min read Why I joined a DAO and what I’ve learned so far. The Rise of DAO CultureThe Rise of DAO Culture synthesizes group culture and decision-making with cooperative leadership while working to avoid the dangers that occur in typical corporate settings. I recently joined my first DAO and from … Read more

Tips for new DAO contributors

Kish Apr 5 · 4 min read Advice for DAO newbies Yearn’s CultureYearn is a friendly global collective where everyone is welcome and free to add value however they see fit. With contributors spanning the globe, Yearn is teeming with builders, self-starters, and collaborators seeking an opportunity to improve DeFi. Token-holders make up Yearn, but … Read more

UMA DAO Funding Proposal Process

Mhairi McAlpine Mar 15 · 3 min read At the start of the year, Risk Labs, the Foundation which established the UMA protocol, transferred 35 million UMA tokens to the UMA DAO. This put 35% of the original mint directly under the control of UMA tokenholders. This article provides further details about how these funds … Read more

The Next Chapter: DAO

Bunny Finance Just now·3 min read Bunny Fam, As you are all aware, there was an economic exploit on the platform Qubit, resulting in approx. $80M loss of assets. In $80M, assets from both thousands of private users and Mound were included. Team Mound had been supplying about $10M in Qubit, which was the full … Read more

Introducing the Perpetual Protocol V2, Set Protocol Integration on Optimism

Andrew Wilkinson · Follow Feb 7 · 5 min read We are excited to release our Perpetual Protocol V2 integration on Set Protocol! This follows our recent Optimism deployment and plans to enable innovative structured products on Layer 2 ecosystems. In this article we will guide your understanding in: Knowing what Perpetual Protocol is Why … Read more

December Report

Our #WenNewsSer Finale 😉 Apes, what a year it's been, and we’re thankful for each and every one of you! In Q4 we posted our highest trade volume, most new listings, most revenue, and highest burn % since our inception last February. And with the help of our valued partners, got to end the year with a … Read more

The Evolution of DAOs

by Tokemak Founder, Liquidity Wizard https://twitter.com/LiquidityWizard Overview Much has been made about the so-called DeFi 2.0. Some vilify the term, others pay great reverence to it. Whether you love or hate it, there is no denying that something new is afoot within DeFi. A small but growing number of protocols are doing something fundamentally different, … Read more