‘Crypto Was a Strange Bunch of People – Adventurers, Idealists, and Soldiers of Fortune,’ Says Liquidify Market Lead

BeinCrypto spoke to Max, a core member of Liquidify, the world’s first liquidity accelerator for long-tail crypto assets. He explains his journey into crypto and how Liquidify was created. Sponsored Sponsored Max is Liquidify’s Marketing Team Lead, who has been in the cryptocurrency game for about four years. His origin story is unique, and about … Read more

Security of a Startup’s Code Is a Vital Consideration — Here’s Why

All investments in cryptocurrency market entities come with a high degree of security risk. Accordingly, there is also a high probability of making considerable profits. Sponsored Sponsored For example, the EOS token price hovered around $0.30 on the first day of its public sale. A few days later, it traded at $8. This is a … Read more

AMM Protocols: The Future of Decentralized Crypto Exchanges

Throughout 2020 and for the better part of 2021, the decentralized finance (Defi) boom was pretty much fueled by an explosive uptake of automated market-making (AMM) protocols. Sponsored Sponsored AMM platforms such as Uniswap and SushiSwap were going head to head in a war for liquidity. At the same time, tales of some crypto traders … Read more

Yield, Farms, and AMMs Drive the Growth of a DeFi Project

Crypto is growing at an unprecedented rate. This year it reached a market value of $2 trillion. Decentralized finance (DeFi) has grown into one of the most prominent ecosystems in the digital currency space. Sponsored Sponsored Currently, DeFi has a total value locked (TVL) of $142 billion. Lots of projects in DeFi have amassed billions … Read more

Wormhole 2.0 Mainnet Launch Links Smart Contracts

Wormhole, a Solana Labs-backed multichain connector, launched its mainnet. This new protocol aims to bring the key issue of interoperability to the forefront of the DeFi conversation. Sponsored Sponsored In a world increasingly open to innovation and fast-paced development, communication is of the utmost importance. That’s the ethos of the multichain connector Wormhole. The company … Read more

DeFi Deep Dive — UMA, Cutting Middlemen Out of Derivatives Markets

Introducing the cost of lawyers and financial advisors has always represented a high barrier to entry to financial markets. With the help of smart contracts and oracles, the UMA project aims to bring that barrier down. Sponsored Sponsored Unlike meme coins that are created for the sole purpose of riding the whimsical waves of social … Read more

‘Being Inclusive Is a Lot About Access,’ Says Hifi Finance CEO

BeinCrypto spoke to Doug Leonard, CEO of HiFi Finance, about picking up audiences where you find them, such as in South Korea. Sponsored Sponsored Despite massive, interested populations globally, the United States and Europe still hold much of the focus when it comes to cryptocurrencies. However, regions like Asia and Africa are starting to prove … Read more

Unlocking Digital Identities In Web 3.0 With Litentry’s Hanwen Cheng

BeinCrypto spoke to Hanwen Cheng, CEO of Litentry, about digital identities and security on the web. Sponsored Sponsored The Litentry platform and its token have been receiving positive buzz in the altcoin world recently. At the time of writing, the LIT token was at $2.29. Litentry is a decentralized identity aggregator that enables the linking … Read more

Moving DeFi Assets Quickly and Cheaply With Umbria’s Oscar Chambers

BeinCrypto spoke to Oscar Chambers, one of the founders of Umbria. He dives into the DeFi platform, how he came to DeFi and moving to crypto interoperability. Sponsored Sponsored DeFi solutions are everywhere. Each protocol and project is addressing issues and building on resources to further this impressive decentralized project. Two such innovators are Barney … Read more

The Travel Rule Vs. Decentralization: A Moral Paradox?

As the decentralized economy continues to grow, the question of “how much centralization is too much?” continues to persist. Sponsored Sponsored Some argue that decentralization is a conduit for nefarious activity. Others argue that the traditional financial system brings just as many problems, if not more. This piece explores the moral quandary that accompanies wholesale … Read more