NFTs outperforming cryptocurrencies in 2022

A quarterly report released by a blockchain analytics platform suggests that the NFT market is faring much better than the overall cryptocurrency market.   NFTs: The Champions of Quarter One Popular blockchain analytics platform, Nansens recently released its quarterly report on non-fungible tokens (NFT). In February, the firm launched its NFT market (NFT-500) fund to track … Read more

Future of Finance: 53% of Americans Think Crypto is the Way Ahead

Future of finance: Crypto is set to skyrocket driven by strong enthusiasm of young adults. However, blockchain’s bandwidth is already overwhelmed. The poll results question whether current offerings can meet demand. Sponsored Sponsored Future of Finance: More than half of Americans are convinced that cryptocurrency is the future of finance. This is according to a … Read more

Zero Slippage Is The Next Big Thing In Decentralized Derivatives Trading

The concept of decentralized trading introduces many opportunities and efficiencies. However, we cannot ignore the drawbacks of this concept either. One of the most grating problems is the concept of slippage, although that may soon become a concern of the past.  Sponsored Sponsored Why slippage is a problem On paper, it would seem easy to … Read more

Unpacking The DeFi Token Universe — A Brief Explainer

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has continued its boom since the start of DeFi Summer 2020. However, for those new to the space, even the basic concept of DeFi tokens can quickly become complicated.  Sponsored Sponsored Most people arrive at the world of cryptocurrencies through bitcoin, or at least they used to. With the growth of NFTs … Read more

Decentralized Finance Is Risky, But Not As Risky As You Think

I recently dipped into Tesla’s financials. Not because I’m considering an investment in the electric car pioneer. Instead — I’m intrigued as to how Elon Musk’s bitcoin gamble is paying off. Sponsored Sponsored He dropped $1.5 billion into the cryptocurrency in February 2021. While Tesla still holds most of the purchase on its balance sheet, … Read more

DeFi Must Avoid Repeating the Wealth Gap Found in Traditional Finance

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is providing promises to improve upon traditional finance. However, the complexity is still a barrier to entry for many. Sponsored Sponsored To this day, people approach savings by putting money away in a savings account. Some even hide theirs under the bed or in the garden. For many, the stock market represents … Read more

‘Crypto Was a Strange Bunch of People – Adventurers, Idealists, and Soldiers of Fortune,’ Says Liquidify Market Lead

BeinCrypto spoke to Max, a core member of Liquidify, the world’s first liquidity accelerator for long-tail crypto assets. He explains his journey into crypto and how Liquidify was created. Sponsored Sponsored Max is Liquidify’s Marketing Team Lead, who has been in the cryptocurrency game for about four years. His origin story is unique, and about … Read more

Security of a Startup’s Code Is a Vital Consideration — Here’s Why

All investments in cryptocurrency market entities come with a high degree of security risk. Accordingly, there is also a high probability of making considerable profits. Sponsored Sponsored For example, the EOS token price hovered around $0.30 on the first day of its public sale. A few days later, it traded at $8. This is a … Read more

AMM Protocols: The Future of Decentralized Crypto Exchanges

Throughout 2020 and for the better part of 2021, the decentralized finance (Defi) boom was pretty much fueled by an explosive uptake of automated market-making (AMM) protocols. Sponsored Sponsored AMM platforms such as Uniswap and SushiSwap were going head to head in a war for liquidity. At the same time, tales of some crypto traders … Read more

Yield, Farms, and AMMs Drive the Growth of a DeFi Project

Crypto is growing at an unprecedented rate. This year it reached a market value of $2 trillion. Decentralized finance (DeFi) has grown into one of the most prominent ecosystems in the digital currency space. Sponsored Sponsored Currently, DeFi has a total value locked (TVL) of $142 billion. Lots of projects in DeFi have amassed billions … Read more