Crypto Basics — What is Staking?

EQIFI 2 hours ago·6 min read Maybe you’ve heard the term “staking” as a way of earning returns on your cryptocurrency. Let’s explore precisely what it is and why and when it is required of a blockchain network. Then we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of staking your coins, as well as giving a quick-start … Read more

NFTrade and My DeFi Pet Partner for NFT Farming and Easier NFT Swapping

My Defi Pet Official Just now·3 min read NFTs and play-to-earn functionality allows developers and gamers to reimagine the traditional gaming sector, directly rewarding players via monetary compensation and verifiably ownable digital assets. One of the most established projects in this space is My DeFi Pet, combining a virtual pet game with decentralized finance, collectibles, … Read more

Types of DeFi, their pros and cons

Lately, decentralized finance or DeFi has been one of the game changers in the blockchain space. In this article, we will consider the main advantages of DeFi solutions, as well as the most common types of decentralized financial services. What is DeFi? Decentralized finance or DeFi utilizes top-notch solutions to remove centralized models in the banking … Read more

September Report

Please Ser, Wen More ApeSwap News? 🐵 We made a promise last month to give you more ApeSwap news, more quality partnerships, and more engaging activities. Today we reflect on the first month of living up to that guarantee. ❤️ Our latest IAO set record highs and had participation from over 90 countries. Our homepage went … Read more

‘Tokens That Provide True Underlying Value Will Stand the Test of Time,’ Says Axia CEO

BeinCrypto spoke to Nick Agar, Founder of AXIA, about hyper-deflationary assets and their value to projects and the cryptocurrency space. Sponsored Sponsored AXIA Coin is a hyper-deflationary asset-supported currency. It aims to provide easier access to financial assets for people across socioeconomic and global divides. Unlike some other cryptocurrencies, Agar set out to create a … Read more

Introducing: ApeLabs

Formal crypto education, affordable globally 📚 Hello and welcome! This is a note from ApeLabs’ President, creator of ApeTV, and former ApeSwap Community Director, Chimpin Chip. Being a part of ApeSwap’s growth from a humble, fairly launched startup, to now hosting the second most users of any DEX on any chain, we’ve seen & learned a … Read more

The Mound Vault Begins QBT Farming

Bunny Finance Just now·2 min read Mound Fam, We are excited to announce that the Mound Vault’s QBT will begin farming today at UTC+0 0800. Mound Vault’s QBT Farming As mentioned in a previous post, the 100,000,000 QBT committed to the Mound Vault on behalf of MND holders will be farmed in twelve equal tranches … Read more

Announcing the Orca Fall Festival

Orca Team Sep 23·3 min read Autumn is almost here under the sea, and we couldn’t be more excited. To celebrate the cozy fall weather (and the wonderful Orca community), we will be holding a special event: Orca’s first Fall Festival! We have tons of new Aquafarms, Collectibles, and other surprises in store for you, … Read more