Grazing Range Pool#3: Welcoming Boring DAO to the Herd

Dear Alpacas, Our Grazing Range continues to grow more delicious and nutritious. Today, we senior Alpacas are excited to welcome our newest addition to the range — BoringDAO. With this partnership, all you Alpacas will be able to open leveraged yield farming positions up to 2x on PancakeSwap’s BOR-BNB pair, which currently yields over 150% APR in … Read more

Announcing WPools

Summer’s almost here and it’s getting pretty hot, especially with that daily token burn we do… So what better way to cool off than to jump in a nice refreshing pool? A WPool that is! WPool We’re announcing the launch of our new WPools, which will offer token rewards from partner projects exclusively to single-asset WEX stakers. … Read more

BDP Community Commentaries 5/9/21

Our sixth community update brings our proudest accomplishment so far! It’s been a big week for BDP Legions as our Data Market successfully cleared public beta and arrived on Ethereum mainnet May 2nd. We launched not one, but two successful IDOs (Initial Data Offerings) this week. $BDP stakers earned upside on each datatoken on top of … Read more

New joint liquidity mining program with Wirex

The program will kick off on May 7, featuring the 1INCH-WXT pool. 1inch’s liquidity programs continue to attract users by lucrative rewards, and we are happy to announce the 1inch Foundation’s decision to launch a new one in collaboration with Wirex. The liquidity mining program with Wirex is to be launched at 8 pm UTC on … Read more

Bird.Money and Unmarshal Strike Partnership

Exciting times ahead as Unmarshal brings structured multi-chain data to Bird’s infrastructure. The Bird vision for DeFi has always been to make the most seamless, competitive, and integrated finance option for the whole world. To accelerate the maturation of its line of products, the Bird’s Nest has gone into partnership with DeFi cross-chain data provider, … Read more

How the 1inch Network ensures the best swap prices

The first post in a series on the 1inch Network’s advantages explains how split swaps enable users to get the best token exchange prices. Users exchanging their tokens are primarily looking for the best prices, and this is what the 1inch Network can offer them, thanks to the 1inch Aggregation Protocol and the aggregation service Pathfinder, … Read more

Announcing 100% of WSwap trading fees going to buyback and burn of WEX

Some protocols just want to watch their tokens burn… Some protocols just want to save the people in their city… At Wault, we want to do both. To be specific, we’re making 100% of WSwap’s trading fees accrue to WEX holders. How? We’re going to use them to buyback WEX tokens and then burn them, all of … Read more

The Power of BentoBox Reinvents DeFi

Sushi May 3 · 5 min read Have you ever seen a BentoBox? Maybe you’ve even eaten one, but in case you are unfamiliar, a BentoBox, in Japan, is a small container filled with the usual dishes that make up a Japanese lunch. Hence the product name, Sushi’s BentoBox is a token vault that can … Read more

Beefy.Finance Incident Report: The BUNNY rescue

One week ago, the Beefy Dev team made a coding error while upgrading the Beefy.Finance Bunny vault strategy. The new strategy was constructed using an invalid address. Instead of pointing to the Bunny vault, it referenced the old strategy. This invalid reference locked 6,542.73 BUNNY in the vault forever. After governance votes for both the PancakeBunny … Read more