Avoid Scam Websites | Expose It Like Sherlock!

Biswap Nov 22 · 2 min read Hi, Biswappers! Robi is here to warn you about another scam and advise you on protecting your money. Scammers create fake crypto resources and issue them under the guise of Biswap. In most cases, the websites have similar designs and functions but differ in domain address. Scammers want … Read more

This Week: Expanding Vesper’s List of Strategies

Vesper Finance Nov 18 · 2 min read Also: Vesper Grow featured in Decentralised News, multiply your $FXS emissions New Strategy Deployments! Stargate, Euler, and Convex-for-Frax strategies are out of audit and ready for production. Smart contract deployments are underway and pool weight will be feathered into these new strategies over the coming weeks. Initially, … Read more

This Week: Vesper Deploys New Strategies

Vesper Finance Nov 11 · 1 min read Also: VSP incentives for FXS holders New Strategies Have Arrived! Our most recent set of strategies has returned from audit. These strategies include Stargate, Convex for Frax, and Euler deposit/borrow. Once audit findings are consumed and reacted to, each of our mainnet pools should benefit from higher … Read more

This Week: Strategies Under Works

Vesper Finance Nov 4 · 2 min read Also: Incentives for pitching Vesper, automating Saddle metapool yield New Strategies Incoming! We are expecting a handful of strategies to return from audit next week. Those strategies are as follows: Stargate LP Euler Deposit Euler Borrow-to-Vesper Convex Staking for Frax Gauges So long as no major changes … Read more

Whirlpools Rotation #14: October 22nd — November 3rd

Orca Nov 4 · 3 min read ECOSYSTEM UPDATE Say hello to ORCA rewards on some of your favorite pools and a wave of new Community Listings! 🌊 Whirlpools Rotation #15 🌀 Duration: Thursday November 3, 2022 — Thursday November 17, 2022 Total Rewards: The rewards are detailed below for each Whirlpool with total rewards … Read more

October Recap By Oasis.app

Welcome Fall! October was a super busy month for the Oasis.app team. While the market is still pretty sluggish, we keep building at a fast pace.This month we released a new Earn Strategy, allowing you to get the best ETH returns in the market, integrating the AAVE Protocol. This represents a big move from being … Read more

This Week: Yield-bearing AMM Emissions Go Live

Vesper Finance Oct 28 · 3 min read Also: Vesper on Trader Joe Spaces, AMA highlights Saddle Finance Emissions Now Available Our innovative “Yield bearing AMM” — an experiment in composability across Vesper, Frax, and Saddle — is now active in Saddle emissions and earning SDL boost. Vesper users who take advantage of this strategy … Read more

Reef Card 1st 50: Get a Free Reef Card with $50 worth of $REEF!

Reef Oct 26 · 2 min read Here’s your chance to get a free Reef Card and some $REEF to spend! Are you ready to get a free Reef Card, powered by Baanx, and some $REEF to spend? Today we’re launching a new campaign for people who haven’t signed up for Reef Card yet. Starting … Read more

Highlights from Orca Governance Chat #3

Orca Oct 26 · 20 min read ORCA GOVERNANCE Meet the potential future members of the Orca Council! Welcome to the highlights of Orca’s third Governance Chat! To continue the conversation regarding Orca Governance v0, team member KZ was joined once again by Reverie’s co-founders on the Orca Discord. Additionally, KZ was also joined by … Read more