This Week: People Looking for Insights in Current Market Turn to Vesper

Vesper Finance Jul 1 · 2 min read Also: Additional roadmap updates, Zane Huffman takes the stage at Vidcon Turning to Vesper for Bear Market Insights — Vesper’s Busy July Vesper has a big slate of speaking events lined up for the month of July. What they have in common: A broad desire to explore … Read more

RAMP to LEVER Token Swap Guide

RAMP DEFI Jun 29 · 3 min read RAMP to LEVER Redenomination and Token Contract Addresses We are excited to share that the RAMP to LEVER 1:35 token swap, redenomination and rebranding will start on 4th July 2022 and finish on 13th July 2022. Users receive 35 LEVER tokens for each RAMP token swapped. The … Read more

Grazing Range Pool#53 — Welcoming PSR to the herd!

Grazing Range Pool#53 — Welcoming PSR to the herd! Dear alpacas, We senior alpacas are excited to welcome our newest addition to the range — Pandora! All you young alpacas will be able to earn $90k USD in PSR rewards by staking ALPACA in the governance vault, which will be distributed over 8 weeks. The pool will go live on … Read more

The Cartoon Guide to Opyn’s Crab Strategy

rΞgan.eth Jun 24 · 4 min read When it comes to understanding perpetuals, everyone in the know will send you Dave White’s Cartoon Guide to Perps. Something about cartoon Dave (and his pal Perpus cryptoeconomicus) just clicks with people. The popularity of his cartoon guide inspired me to create my own. So, without further ado, … Read more

This Week: DAI/VSP Vesper Earn Pair Goes Live

Vesper Finance Jun 24 · 2 min read Also: Demonstrating Vesper Earn as an essential bear-market tool Introducing: Deposit DAI, Earn VSP Vesper’s DAI-to-VSP Earn Pool is now available! Users deposit their principal (DAI) into the Earn pool and receive yield in VSP. Vesper users have already deposited over $1.3 million in DAI, making it … Read more

Vesper Earn: A New Way to Earn VSP

Vesper Finance Jun 23 · 2 min read Starting today, you can deposit DAI and auto-accumulate yield in VSP Today, we’re introducing a new way to passively earn Vesper’s native token, VSP. By depositing into Vesper’s DAI-to-VSP pool, users earn yield in VSP, the token that facilitates the Vesper ecosystem. VSP token-holders can acquire vVSP … Read more

Vesper Earn: An Essential Component for Weathering a Bear Market

Vesper Finance Jun 21 · 3 min read When you deposit a stablecoin and earn yield in crypto, you get the best of both worlds in a tough market. By many definitions, crypto is in a bear market. Bear markets are an opportunity for the industry to build the next transformative technologies without distraction. And … Read more

Institutions Are Building the Future with Avalanche

Since its invention, Blockchain’s most transformative possibilities have always seemed to belong to the future, to a time several years and tech advances away. Today, this has changed. Avalanche has taken the necessary tech leaps and is now making once-unattainable use cases a reality. Using Avalanche, even the largest institutions can finally build their dream … Read more

ParaSwap launches The first NFT P2P mobile trading app on iOS

paraswap Jun 20 · 4 min read Game changer features and crypto management at your fingertips. We’re proudly launching the Beta Launch Program to let our community and new joiners explore the full power of our app. Game-changing features and full service access on mobile A one-stop-shop at the fingertips, the ParaSwap mobile app … Read more

This Week: Vesper Deploys New Strategies

Vesper Finance Jun 17 · 3 min read Also: Vesper Earn DAI/ETH Pool as Bear-Market Strategy, Additional Developer Resources Now Available, Fee Structure Upgrades Carry On New Strategies, New Paths to Yield Over the past several weeks, final auditing rounds came back for a powerful set of deposit-borrow strategies covering Aave, Compound, and major Compound … Read more