Ankr x LydiaFinance Avalanche Internet Bonds AMA recap

Franciska Kovacs Sep 9 · 3 min read Following the aAVAXb/AVAX farm going live on LydiaFinance last week, our DeFi architect Filipe Gonçalves participated in AMA on the LydiaFinance Telegram channel. He answered the community’s questions about internet bonds and the Ankr ecosystem. For those who couldn’t attend, we summarized the most relevant questions and … Read more


Franciska Kovacs Sep 9 · 3 min read What is the strategic collaboration between Ankr and OnX Finance? OnX Finance creates use cases in DeFi for Internet Bonds from Ankr, enabling users to easily benefit from enhanced yield on top of Internet Bonds’ staking rewards. What is the connection to Internet Bonds? Internet Bonds solve … Read more