Injective November Update: Mainnet and Astro Incentive Program Launch

Hey everyone! We hope that November was a great month for you — it certainly has been for the Injective community. First and foremost, the Injective Mainnet was released this month, an astounding feat that required all hands on deck across Injective’s ever-expanding ecosystem. At the same time, the Injective Labs team participated alongside the industry’s greatest … Read more

Band Protocol October 2021 Community Update

Dear Band Community, October is a month where we have observed Phase 2 functionality in motion, creating excitement between our strategic partners and community members. We have moved our data request operation fully to Laozi Mainnet where we see more than 1M requests in a month and secure more than $10 billion dollars in smart … Read more

RAMP DEFI Collaborates with PIDAO To Grow Reserve Treasury Bonds

RAMP DEFI Nov 9 · 3 min read Note: RAMP has not reviewed the code used for Pidao. We understand that the codebase used is a fork of Ohm protocol and is pending an independent audit. Users are advised to undertake research and due diligence prior to participation. Please do not participate if in doubt. … Read more

Injective October 2021: Injective Pro Launch, Explorer Release, Governance Updates and Much More

Welcome to Injective’s monthly update! It’s a wrap for October 2021, and there are more updates now than ever to report. From the launch of the Injective Pro relayer to a record number of Cosmos community engagements, read below for a list of the most recent Injective milestones. October Highlights Injective Governance Proposal #60 for … Read more

OrcaPod Episode 6: Lessons for a Fair Fundraise feat. Chris Burniske

Orca Team Just now·25 min read Listen now on Spotify, YouTube, or Simplecast! In our 6th episode, our co-founder Ori (@oritheorca) welcomes Placeholder Partner Chris Burniske (@cburniske) onto the show to talk about what they’ve each learned about how to structure a fair, human-centered fundraise. In the process, they discuss each of the tips in … Read more

RAMP USD60M Liquidity Incentive Program — What You Need To Know!

RAMP DEFI Oct 26 · 5 min read Background The RAMP collateralized stablecoin lending protocol was launched in April 2021, allowing users to deposit assets at high APYs while borrowing against these assets in the form of rUSD, a stablecoin, at the same time. From April to October this year, we have been actively developing … Read more

Injective Spanish Community Twitter Campaign

To demonstrate appreciation to the Injective Spanish community, Injective is launching a lucky check-in Twitter campaign 🪐 20 lucky winners will be chosen to share $1,000 USDT, to be distributed on the Injective canonical chain mainnet. Each winner will be rewarded with $50 USDT. #InjectiveSpanishCommunity Activity period: October 22, 2021 — November 1, 2021 at 12:00 AM … Read more

Injective Update: September 2021

Welcome to the Injective September update! This past month brought more and more exciting community updates to the table. Check out the highlight reel below. September Highlights Derivatives perpetuals trading went live on the Injective Canary Chain after governance proposal #56 passed. Injective contributors prepared for the Cosmos IBC upgrade and published the roadmap to … Read more

BCIP-3: BandChain Laozi Mainnet Official Upgrade Proposal B

With the launches of the Laozi Testnet #1–4 and stable network performance over the past months, we are ready to move on to the final step before the launch of BandChain Phase 2. We are excited to share that the core Band Protocol development team has submitted a new BandChain Improvement Proposal B (BCIP-3) to … Read more