Grazing Range Pool#3: Welcoming Boring DAO to the Herd

Dear Alpacas, Our Grazing Range continues to grow more delicious and nutritious. Today, we senior Alpacas are excited to welcome our newest addition to the range — BoringDAO. With this partnership, all you Alpacas will be able to open leveraged yield farming positions up to 2x on PancakeSwap’s BOR-BNB pair, which currently yields over 150% APR in … Read more

Understanding 4Belt & beltTokens

This is a guide to understand the basics of the 4Belt BLP pool, the 4Belt token, and beltTokens (beltBTC, beltBNB, beltETH, etc.). We’ll start with 4Belt. The 4Belt BLP Pool is at its basis, a liquidity pool. Liquidity pools are pools of tokens that sit in smart contracts. For the 4Belt BLP Pool, the pool consists of … Read more

Holder.Finance Presale Details

Wault Launchpad’s third presale of Holder.Finance’s HFS token is coming soon. Below, we’ll outline what you need to know about Holder.Finance and the presale process in order to gain access to this exclusive offer. Presale Procedure The whitelisting application form will be online at 3PM UTC on Monday, May 3rd, 2021. and will remain open … Read more

Venus Reward Token Distribution & VENUS NFT Details

Venus token holders, including vXVS, will receive an airdrop exclusively on Binance Smart Chain on May 15th at block number 7479562. This airdrop will also be sent to exchange addresses, and they will announce their support plans, if any, directly. We are already coordinating with to handle this distribution. The ratio of the airdrop … Read more

[Announcing] Belt Finance- Autofarm Partnership

We’re excited to announce a new strategic partnership between Belt Finance and Autofarm. Autofarm is a leading yield aggregator and DeFi suite. The Autofarm ecosystem consists of 3 main products; a cross-chain yield optimizer which automates yield farming for users, AutoSwap DEX Aggregator which provides users’ with the best swap rates and an intelligent portfolio … Read more

Belt Finance(WBNB-BELT LP)PancakeSwap v2 LP 迁移指南

当PancakeSwap将其LP从v1迁移到v2时,用户必须手动将WBNB-BELT LP移动到PancakeSwap上的新的v2 LP,然后再在Belt.fi网站上。 从4月27日(星期二)UTC 上午6点开始,我们将支持BELT挖矿发行版的WBNB-BELT PCS V2 LP。 用户必须在这次之前将其WBNB-BELT PCS V1 LP迁移到WBNB-BELT PCS V2 LP,才能继续获得BELT奖励。 请注意,无需迁移4Belt池或任何保险库。 关于挖矿分配(Belt奖励) BNB-BELT v1 LP的挖矿分配率为50%。 我们将在4月24日(星期六)上午8点将此挖矿率移至新的PCS v2 LP 当中。 BNB-BELT v1 50% => 0% BNB-BELT v2 0% => 50% 在4月24日更改挖矿率之前,v1池将继续有BELT奖励。 这是有关如何将WBNB-BELT LP从PancakeSwap的v1迁移到其v2以及再回到Belt.fi的步骤的指南。 步骤1: 从https://belt.fi上的Belt Staking部分中释放出v1 LP。 步骤2: 解锁释放后,你将会在余额中看到LP。 步骤3: Pancake swap迁移 根据此指南图,并跳转到此链接,从PCS站点上的WBNB-BELT v1 LP(旧类型的LP)中移除流动性,并将其迁移到PCS站点上的v2 LP: 步骤4: 完成迁移并重新质押PCS v2 LP中的BELT和BNB之后,可以在Belt.fi看到如下所示, 然后按“ APPROVE” 步骤5: 点击 质押并确认交易 一旦确认交易,就可看到您的LP已被质押! 在4月27日(星期二)UTC … Read more

Belt Finance (WBNB-BELT LP) PancakeSwap v2 LP Migration Guide

As PancakeSwap migrates their LPs from their v1 to v2, users will have to manually move their WBNB-BELT LP to the new v2 LP on PancakeSwap, and then on the website. Starting from Tuesday 27rd April at 6 AM UTC, we will support WBNB-BELT PCS V2 LPs with BELT mining distribution. Users have to migrate … Read more

Step-by-step PancakeSwap V2 Migration (Take II)

Let the yetis walk you through the migration. Don’t know where to get started for the PancakeSwap V2 migration? Don’t worry, we got you fam. Take our furry yeti hand and follow us to the BSC promised land. Also, if these resources don’t help you, we know some yetis that can! Join our Telegram channel, where our … Read more