BandChain Phase 2: Successful Mainnet Launch

Band Protocol has successfully launched BandChain Phase 2 on the Mainnet, upgrading from GuanYu to Laozi which supports streamed revenue for data providers and IBC integrations. The BandChain Phase 2 upgrade enhances all facets of the decentralized oracle network to consistently provide reliable external information to the rapidly growing demands of blockchain applications, decentralized finance, … Read more

Being A Sushi Artist: Interviews with the Birthday NFT Contest Winners

Sushi Sep 22 · 6 min read Our first anniversary birthday contest was a roaring success: over 100 artists entered, treating our eyeballs to over 65 pieces of stunning Sushi-related artwork! The top 3 winners of the Birthday NFT Contest are: ‘Be a Party Chad With Sushi’ by @mochiNFT 2. ‘Sushi Runner’ by @fEJKgg 3. … Read more

A Retrospective on the First SMART Alpha Epoch

Last week began with the launch of our first SMART Alpha epoch. Three of the four deployed pools saw ~$500k in aggregate deposits split relatively evenly between their respective junior and senior sides. Here’s a look at each pool and how it performed over the course of the past epoch. WETH (in USD terms) The conditions for … Read more

Ferrum x ApeSwap

Empowering DeFi Projects 🤝 Apes of the Jungle! I hope you came hungry, because the news we are about to serve up is going to be delicious. 🙊 Here at ApeSwap it has become clear to us that you are virtually obsessed with all things innovative and exciting — well, we are too! So, we are very proud … Read more

Band Protocol Integrates With First Optimistic Rollup Platform Boba Network

Boba Network (Enya), previously known as OmisegoX, has partnered with Band Protocol to bring secure decentralized oracles to their layer-2 optimistic rollup platform to build a more trusted and scalable Ethereum ecosystem. Founded by Stanford faculty and alumni, Enya creates decentralized infrastructure solutions to serve the growing demands of blockchain applications and the next wave … Read more

SMART Alpha is Live

SMART Alpha is now live! Users can deposit into the available pools between now and 10 AM EDT on Monday, September 13th to participate in the first week-long epoch. The following pools will be available: WBTC / USD: Deposit wBTC with performance measured in USD WBTC / ETH: Deposit wBTC with performance measured in ETH WETH / … Read more

For GRT Delegators: RAMP Indexer Reward Distribution Update

RAMP DEFI Sep 9 · 3 min read RAMP DEFI’s Indexer Nodes were launched on 7th January 2021, backed by early GRT investors who seeded the initial GRT required to commence node operations. Creating Reward Liquidity For Delegators Currently, the Graph reward structure requires Delegators to undelegate their GRT in order to receive their GRT … Read more

Whitepaper Digest #3: Decentralization, Validity and VRF

Band Protocol is bringing a never seen before decentralized data economy to life with BandChain Phase 2. By creating an autonomous marketplace for institutional-grade data providers and the users, decentralized applications, Band Protocol is reducing the barrier to entry for enterprises and broadening the horizons of data availability for the growing demands of blockchain applications. … Read more