Call options on $OPIUM: an alternative to liquidity mining

We introduce a simpler way for $OPIUM holders to get yield on their tokens Andrey Belyakov Jun 22 · 4 min read In short: Stake your $OPIUM to exchange future upside for premiums now or pay a fee to get xxx-leveraged upside! Over time, in DeFi, numerous liquidity mining programs were designed and distributed hundreds … Read more

Beefy’s Pangolin Partnership

The largest DeFi project on Avalanche Beefy’s multichain journey continues with a new partnership on Avalanche. Pangolin was launched in February 2021 on the Avalanche Network and incubated by AvaLabs, with the vision of it being a community run project. It grew to become the largest DeFi project on Avalanche network, peaking at over 300 … Read more

Big Partnership Alert As Bird.Money and Glitch Come Together

DeFi OS and DeFi credit score platforms form partnership union Moving forward together has always been our philosophy at Bird.Money when it comes to our vision for DeFi. With so many incredible teams building fantastic solutions, we always take deliberate action to seek out the best and partner with them to bring more value to … Read more

Step Finance Update #1

Step Finance Just now·4 min read There are many STEPs along the way Its been an exciting few months at Step we have launched so many new and features to the platform in addition to one of the most successful Solana token launches so far (26k active participants, #1 liquidity pool for the last 2 … Read more

Inside the 2FA-Enabled Chef’s Jacket with Nori-San: What’s the Password?

ayoki Jun 19 · 10 min read So I guess the question that I always ask everyone, to begin with, is, what is your role at Sushi? I am the SushiSwap Security Team Lead and I’m responsible for the security at Sushi in general. That entails operational security, more team activity-related, and more tech-heavy stuff … Read more

BandChain Phase 2: Use-Cases For DeFi

Band Protocol is building a decentralized oracle network with optimal performance and scalability for the ever-growing world of blockchain applications. We are leading up to the Mainnet launch of BandChain Phase 2 — where the focus will revolve around enterprise and institutional integration to unlock virtually all the data for consumption on-chain. To support the rapid innovation … Read more

My DeFi Pet x Faraland: The most ambitious cross-over between 2 NFT games

My Defi Pet Official Just now·3 min read My DeFi Pet is excited to form a strategic partnership with Faraland to expand our metaverse and ecosystem. The two amazing worlds of My DeFi Pet and Faraland will collide for the first time, allowing the characters from both worlds to interact with each other! My DeFi … Read more

RenVM Integrates with Solana for Interoperability

A direct bridge for BTC and more is now live on Solana We are very excited to announce that the RenVM x Solana integration is live! RenBridge With Solana x RenVM support, anyone can now mint and burn the below assets. This is a direct bridge from native chains to Solana, thus allowing deposits/withdrawals to and from … Read more

New Vaults (Belt HECO)

New Vaults (Belt HECO) Autofarm is excited to be bringing users more auto-compounded vaults from Belt Finance on Huobi ECO chain (HECO)! As strategic partners, Autofarm and Belt Finance are committed to furthering both ecosystems together through our collaborative relationship, bringing value to users of both platforms. The addition of these 5 new vaults brings the … Read more

RAMP-ETH, rUSD-USDC and ETH-Matic LP Reward Pools Launched On Polygon’s QuickSwap!

Expanding our liquidity and footprint on Polygon, providing both communities with new reward opportunities. We are thrilled to announce a listing of the RAMP-ETH and rUSD-USDC trading pairs on QuickSwap along with QuickSwap reward pools and vaults on RAMP V2! RAMP users can now participate in high-speed, low fees trading on Quickswap, compared to Ethereum-based DEXs … Read more