Band Standard Dataset — Four Months in Review

Band Standard Dataset — Four Months in Review Since releasing the Band Standard Dataset over four months ago, it has grown into the largest collection of frequently updating reference price feeds for all existing DeFi and emerging smart contract verticals including money markets, derivatives prediction markets, insurance and more. With the ever-expanding support for new price feeds covering … Read more

Alpha Finance Integrates Decentralized Price Oracles From Band Protocol Through Alpha Oracle…

Alpha Finance Integrates Decentralized Price Oracles From Band Protocol Through Alpha Oracle Aggregator Alpha Finance, a leading decentralized finance lab, has integrated Band Protocol oracles to secure their flagship leverage yield farming product Alpha Homora which has a combined total value locked over 1.49B+ on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The integration through the … Read more

BandChain GuanYu Testnet #4: Laozi Testnet #1 Launch & How to Join as a Validator

Road to Phase 2: Guanyu Testnet #4, Validator Setup and Migration Timeline Since our successful mainnet upgrade of the GuanYu version, our community has grown in both validators and developers alongside an exponential increase in the number of oracle requests signifying a rapid increase in adoption. Our next step in the Band Protocol journey is … Read more

Graviton Partners With Band Protocol For Secure Inter-Chain and Price Oracles

Graviton, a universal cross-chain liquidity protocol for wrapped assets, has partnered with Band Protocol to integrate decentralized oracles to provide real-time cross-chain event updates and price feeds. This will secure Graviton’s novel DAO-inspired concept for treasury farming, liquidity provisioning, and mirrored accounts which unlock interactions with multiple blockchain networks. Band Protocol also joins as a … Read more

ICONFi to Integrate Band Protocol Oracles and BAND Staking Into Digital Asset Saving Platform

ICONFi, a digital asset savings platform with over $75 million in AUM and designed to provide simple and intuitive products for all users, will launch with support for ICX/BAND staking and integration of extensive price oracles provided by Band Protocol. Led by Sean Kim, CEO of ICONFi, and Min Kim, the founder of the ICON … Read more

Krystal From KyberSwap Launches With Band Protocol Integration

Krystal, a new decentralized finance application consolidating all DeFi services under one roof including exchange aggregation, lending, and portfolio management built by the team behind KyberSwap launches with integration of Band Protocol oracles. The integration team at Krystal has integrated the Band Standard Dataset which provides price feeds for over 196+ symbols spanning across digital … Read more

Injective Doubles Down on Strategic Partnership With Band Protocol Through Mutual Node Operations

Injective Protocol, the first layer-2 DEX that unlocks the full potential of decentralized derivatives and borderless DeFi, is expanding its strategic partnership with Band Protocol by operating a BandChain validator node to support the decentralized oracle network. In return, Band Protocol has completed setup for a node on Injective and begun participation in Equinox Staking — Injective’s … Read more

Band Protocol March 2021 Community Update

Dear Band Community, The rate at which Band Protocol adoption and usage continues to grow with oracle requests in production over 2.9M+ and an estimated $8 Billion dollars in value secured in smart contracts that have integrated Band Oracles. The team continues to work closely with the Cosmos team as we move closer to the launch … Read more

Equilibrium Partners With Band Protocol to Secure Cross-Chain Money Market and Synthetic Assets

Equilibrium, the first decentralized interoperable money market combining lending with synthetic asset generation and trading, has partnered with Band Protocol to integrate the Band Standard Dataset for over 150+ price feeds supporting crypto assets, commodities and foreign exchange to secure over $230M TVL. This integration also extends to custom data oracle creation on BandChain by … Read more

Polygon (Matic Network) Completes Integration With Band Protocol to Secure DeFi, NFT, and Gaming…

Polygon (Matic Network) Completes Integration With Band Protocol to Secure DeFi, NFT, and Gaming Ecosystem Band Protocol is delighted to share the completed integration with Polygon (previously known as Matic Network), the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. The integration comes at a time of rapid growth for Polygon to empower developer toolkits … Read more