Announcing WPool #10: Yieldwatch!

We’re announcing another WPool — Yieldwatch! With this partnership, you’ll be able to stake WEX for $50K USD in WATCH rewards which will be distributed over 4 weeks. Also Yieldwatch join us as official partners and help tracking Wswap yields,pools and additionally giving exposure the Wault. A new WATCH-BNB WFarm will also open with bonus WEX rewards … Read more

Announcing WPool #9: Seascape!

Summer time, getting a little WEX, down by the Seascape. If the thematic overlay wasn’t enough to hook you then perhaps the token rewards will be… We’re announcing another WPool — Seascape! With this partnership, you’ll be able to stake WEX for $100K USD in pCWS rewards which will be distributed over 5 weeks. A new pCWS-BNB WFarm … Read more


BadgerDAO Launching Curve Optimizer Vaults in Collaboration with Convex Finance Much of current Ethereum L1 yield farming is based on the long term CRV emission plan by The original BTC-only Badger Setts are strategies that collect and sell CRV for more of the underlying which is different from how we treat other tokens earned via … Read more

New Vaults (MDEX BSC)

New Vaults (MDEX BSC) Autofarm is proud to present 8 new vaults using the MDEX (BSC)! MDEX vaults are now live and multiplying yields automatically and will earn AUTO tokens based on the allocated AUTO multipliers to the particular vault. Learn more about AUTO multipliers over here! Vaults MDEX (BSC) MDEX recently integrated with Binance Smart Chain … Read more

ibBTC and bBadger Now Accepted as Collateral on Ruler Protocol

Adding more utility to ibBTC Since launch, users who minted ibBTC have been able provide liquidity on the new Sushiswap ibBTC/WBTC pool in order to receive an LP token that could then be staked in a dedicated Badger vault for boosted APY and little impermanent loss. Until now… BadgerDAO is excited to announce that Ruler Protocol … Read more

Earn Matic on Autofarm Vaults

Autofarm x Polygon Autofarm is thankful for the partnership with Polygon (previously Matic Network) and the 250,000 MATIC tokens (~$480,000) which were allocated to Autofarm for launching on Polygon. As promised, selected vaults will start earning MATIC tokens today. Earn Double Rewards The following vaults have been carefully chosen and will earn double rewards (pAUTO and MATIC tokens): QuickSwap … Read more

Sheetz becomes first convenience store chain to accept bitcoin

Sheetz partners with Flexa and NCR to bring digital currencies directly to the fuel pump for an instant, fraud-proof form of payment ALTOONA, Pa. — Sheetz, a major Mid-Atlantic restaurant and convenience chain, today announced it will be enabling digital currency payments via Flexa, the leading pure-digital payments network, to provide customers with the ability to pay for … Read more

Announcing WSwap’s 1 Million USD Moon Fuel Program!

Creating a new crypto project isn’t easy, and making it succeed is even harder. It takes a lot of work and many correct ingredients. Yet, there’s one maxim that’s proven true time and time again: if you want your project to become a huge hit, a strong start is key. And that’s why we’ve created … Read more