RAMP to LEVER Token Swap Guide

RAMP DEFI Jun 29 · 3 min read RAMP to LEVER Redenomination and Token Contract Addresses We are excited to share that the RAMP to LEVER 1:35 token swap, redenomination and rebranding will start on 4th July 2022 and finish on 13th July 2022. Users receive 35 LEVER tokens for each RAMP token swapped. The … Read more

Deposit & Withdraw BSW on Binance | Review the Guide!

Biswap Jun 24 · 4 min read Biswap strives to help our users make their crypto experience as easy and convenient as possible. Therefore, we’re happy to provide you with a new guide! Learn how to deposit/withdraw BSW and multiply your crypto assets with BSW on Binance. How to Deposit BSW to your Binance Account? … Read more

This Week In DeFi – June 24

To the DeFi community, This week decentralized derivatives platform dYdX decided to create its own applicaiton-specific standalone chain, as part of the Cosmos ecosystem. The move will also complete the decentralization of the platform – marking an important milestone for dYdX once the transition is complete. dYdX developers reasoned that no L1 or L2 solution … Read more

Splendid 13th Month of Biswap | View June Report!

Biswap Jun 24 · 10 min read This month was indeed fruitful on Biswap! Our team worked hard to establish new partnerships and provide users with lucrative possibilities! Before diving into the June report, we would like to appreciate our users. We Thank Our Community! The Biswap team values your trust and support. We appreciate … Read more

This Week In DeFi – June 3

To the DeFi community, This week Binance’s venture capital arm, Binance Labs, raised $500 million for a new web3 investment fund – its first using outside investment. DST Global Partners and Breyer Capital backed the fund, along with a number of private equity funds, family offices, and corporations. The fund is looking to support projects … Read more