Beefy.Finance Incident Report: The BUNNY rescue

One week ago, the Beefy Dev team made a coding error while upgrading the Beefy.Finance Bunny vault strategy. The new strategy was constructed using an invalid address. Instead of pointing to the Bunny vault, it referenced the old strategy. This invalid reference locked 6,542.73 BUNNY in the vault forever. After governance votes for both the PancakeBunny … Read more

Venus Reward Token Distribution & VENUS NFT Details

Venus token holders, including vXVS, will receive an airdrop exclusively on Binance Smart Chain on May 15th at block number 7479562. This airdrop will also be sent to exchange addresses, and they will announce their support plans, if any, directly. We are already coordinating with to handle this distribution. The ratio of the airdrop … Read more

Step-by-step PancakeSwap V2 Migration (Take II)

Let the yetis walk you through the migration. Don’t know where to get started for the PancakeSwap V2 migration? Don’t worry, we got you fam. Take our furry yeti hand and follow us to the BSC promised land. Also, if these resources don’t help you, we know some yetis that can! Join our Telegram channel, where our … Read more

PancakeSwap Migration

Hello Cowmoonity, As many of you know, PancakeSwap is getting ready for PancakeSwap V2 very soon. Since this will affect all projects that rely on Pancakeswap for liquidity, we’re preparing everything for the switch. Pancake is creating a new set of LP Tokens, and their farms and exchange will start supporting the new type instead of … Read more

Belt Finance April 21 Incident Report: Venus Issue

On 21 April 2021, the venus pool on Belt Finance experienced several complications that affected the withdrawal and compounding of assets in that pool. Only assets in the Venus pool were affected. While we continued to give benefits to our users, a portion of this started to go to the Venus treasury because of the … Read more

21 April 2021 — Venus Vaults Post-Mortem

21 April 2021 — Venus Vaults Post-Mortem When things go south, it is easy to point fingers and blame other projects for causing the issue. Autofarm does not believe in such behaviour, and we always encourage our team and moderators alike to be neutral, courteous and respectful to other projects at all times. In the following segments, … Read more

Introducing the Autofarm Dashboard

In just a month after the announcement of’s acquisition, we are thrilled to share that users can now track their assets natively on Autofarm with’s intelligent portfolio dashboard! User interface and experience are core to Autofarm’s beliefs, and we feel that yield farming and portfolio tracking should go hand-in-hand. Hence, Autofarm has integrated … Read more

(CN) 新机枪池 (MDEX 和 bZx)

Autofarm自动农场团队周末加班,为您带来MDEX以及bZx(fulcrum)上的新21个机枪池。 新机枪池 (MDEX 和 bZx) MDEX MDEX是首屈一指同时支持火币智能链(HECO)以及币安智能链(BSC)的跨链项目。Autofarm的机枪池复投机制加上MDEX独特的交易挖矿机制,并将利润返回MDEX机枪池,所以实际上产生的APY将比我们显示的机枪池预估APY更高。 WBNB-USDT WBNB-BUSD WBNB-BTCB WBNB-ETH USDT-FIL USDT-ADA USDT-DAI USDT-DOT USDT-XRP USDT-LTC BUSD-BTCB BUSD-ETH BUSD-BCH ETH-BETH 由于Pancakeswap修改了奖励比重,将会移除WBNB-BCH,WBNB-XTZ以及ETH-BETH收益池,Autofarm也会停止支援这些收益池。但是我们推荐使用者可以将您的相关流动性资金迁移到MDEX平台上,我们将会在MDEX平台上支援BUSD-BCH以及ETH-BETH的复投机枪池。 bZx bZx是一个跨链开放式金融协定,包含两个主要产品。Fulcrum为一个保证金贷款交易平台。Torque为一个固定利率的无期限贷款平台。 Autofarm为使用者所新增的机枪池将会使用bZx的BSC上Fulcrum平台进行挖矿,使用者可以到Fulcrum上抵押您的资产并且取得对应的itoken,来开始在Autofarm进行挖矿。 Fulcrum收益池的$BGOV奖励目前处于激励阶段,最终将减少,从而也减少了在Autofarm机枪池的APY。 更多详细信息可以在这里找到。 WBNB-BGOV iBNB iBUSD iUSDT iBTC iETH iLINK 💻 Website :🐦 Twitter :👾 Discord :📰 Medium:☎️ Chinese TG:🔉 TG Announcements : (CN) 新机枪池 (MDEX 和 bZx) was originally … Read more

New Vaults (MDEX & bZx)

The Autofarm team worked hard over the weekend and we are glad to announce that we are adding 21 new vaults from MDEX and bZx (fulcrum). New vaults (MDEX & bZx) MDEX MDEX is a leading AMM DEX both on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Huobi ECO Chain (HECO) and is one of Autofarm’s longstanding partners. … Read more