Grazing Range Pool #18 — Welcoming DVI to the herd

Grazing Range Pool #18 — Welcoming DVI to the herd Dear Alpacas, We senior alpacas are excited to welcome our newest addition to the range — Dvision Network. With this partnership, all you alpacas will be able to open leveraged yield farming positions up to 2.0x on PancakeSwap’s DVI-BNB pair, which currently yields ~210% APR in CAKE Rewards! The pool will … Read more

FIL Trading Competition | Wrestle for $2 000 Treasure!

Biswap Just now·3 min read Bring your trades to the moon with FIL Trading Competition! Sizable $2 000 in BSW rewards will award the vigorous traders who made the highest volume transactions with FIL tokens! Total prize pool: $2 000 in BSW Activity Period: 7 days Start: 14.09.2021 (13:00 PM UTC) End: 21.09.2021 (13:00 … Read more

Biswap Key Metrics | Remarkable Numbers!

Biswap Just now·2 min read Size up Biswap’s latest achievements in the magnetizing DeFi industry! Check out the crypto growth of the fascinating project — Biswap! 🔺 $446 979 935 (Total Value Locked in Farms & Launchpools) 🔺 $6 083 834 419 Total Trading Volume 🔺 $120 988 880 Trading Volume in 24 hours 🔺 … Read more

Resolute Biswap x TEN Collaboration | Boost of Crypto Benefits for Users!

Biswap Just now·2 min read The DeFi space continues strengthening its position on the global market. Biswap aims to provide you with first-class utilities, so you can also expand your crypto capabilities and influence. Welcome, Biswap x TEN collaboration that will surprise you with a powerful and easy way of enriching. Why TEN Finance? TEN … Read more

Weekly Highlights from Robi | Rich in Events Week!

Biswap Just now·6 min read Hello, Biswappers! It’s Robi again! I flew at full speed to tell you about this incredibly busy and productive week! 🤩 Global Incentive Program for BSC Projects with $10 000 000 Fund! Ready to promote and advance your BSC project globally? Biswap introduces a Global Incentive Program with a $10 … Read more

Biswap Global Incentive Program for BSC Projects with $10 000 000 Fund!

Biswap Just now·3 min read Time to level up your BSC project with Biswap! Biswap is ready to introduce a Global Incentive Program with a $10 000 000 Fund to provide mutually beneficial collaboration and development assistance for prospective projects on the Binance Smart Chain network. The Biswap team acknowledges the fact that every prosperous … Read more

Biswap Key Metrics|Current Numbers!

Biswap Just now·2 min read Biswap keeps advancing non-stop!A lot of work is still ahead, but the Biswap team is ready to develop with an endless charge of energy. Time to have a look at the present numbers: 📍 $466 156 772 (Total Value Locked in Farms & Launchpools) 📍 $5 911 997 230 Total … Read more

Biswap Lottery is Activated | Buy Your Lucky Tickets & Win BSW!

Biswap Just now·5 min read You asked, you waited, you followed the process, and now, the big moment has come! Meet the fascinating Biswap Lottery, which combined the best qualities of the well-known gameplay and unique features, thoroughly developed by the Biswap team to make the process even more exciting and, of course, the … Read more

Biswap x My DeFi Pet Strategic Collaboration!

Biswap Just now·3 min read Biswap broadens further, expanding its utilities and crypto scales! Meet the bright and adventurous Biswap x My DeFi Pet collaboration! Grow up the crypto animals of your dream on My DeFi Pet and raise your crypto funds on Biswap! Why My DeFi Pet? My DeFi Pet is a life-style based … Read more

Biswap Art Contest Final for $700 | Meet the Winners’ Board!

Biswap Just now·4 min read An incredibly bright and creative contest dedicated to the Popularity Medal, earned by Biswap during BSC Anniversary Conference has come to its conclusion! The choice was not an easy one, as the Biswap team received so many different, unique, and interesting artworks in such a short time. We’ve seen digital … Read more