Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #14

The crypto market is seeing its first signs of contagion brought on by the FTX collapse. Blockfi, which received a 400M revolving credit this year from FTX to continue operations and withdrawals, no longer has access to this lifeline and is now eyeing bankruptcy as its only option. Genesis suspended withdrawals this week citing a … Read more

October 2022 Recap

In October, we alpacas carried on with the AV repurchasing pilot by adding the 8x BNB Savings Vault, which has since shown a consistent return. The repurchase method on the first two vaults (3x Market Neutral and 3x BNB Savings Vault) has also proven successful. We are now ready to rollout repurchasing to other Vaults. … Read more

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #11

Creating a stir across many industries, Elon Musks’ completion of the Twitter acquisition dominated the headlines this week. Some see this as a return to free speech on the platform, while others remain skeptical. In either case, sweeping layoffs in Twitter’s back-office are expected, with the firm to be set on a new course. Twitter’s ongoings … Read more

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #10

Technology-enabled financial institutions continue their push to provide crypto products, with Oanda and N26 opening trading services for their respective customers. This comes at the same time Fidelity enabled custody and trading for ETH, having launched BTC less than a month prior. From monitoring mass market adoption, the question naturally emerges whether these large trusted … Read more

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #9

Governments around the world are fixated on the fight over stablecoin payment superiority and issuance control. While to most crypto natives, it seems the crackdown is an effort to slow down the pace of emerging technologies, in reality, it’s more likely that it’s about monetary control in a rapidly changing world. This week, the Bank of … Read more

ApeSwap Partners with Telos to Continue Cross-Chain Expansion

Bringing a faster, fairer future to the ApeSwap ecosystem ApeSwap is proud to announce its expansion to our fourth supported blockchain: Telos! We’re excited to be one of the largest decentralized exchanges to support the Telos network, which offers some of the fastest, cost-effective transactions in all of crypto. We can’t wait for our users … Read more

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #8

EU regulators continue to make strides toward actionable guidelines for companies operating in the crypto market with the previously leaked MiCA draft now being moved into a parliamentary vote. This will give homogenous oversight over stablecoin, NFT and decentralized finance issuances. While most are happy to see clarity, the bill is opaque regarding best practices, … Read more

September 2022 Recap

In September, we continued improving Automated Vaults by allowing users to invest in/withdraw from AV with ZERO swap fees. The repurchase method has also proven successful on the first pilot vault, so we expanded the pilot to a BNB Savings Vault which has also shown good results. We also made several UI improvements, and overall, … Read more

Biswap DEX x Radio Caca | Time for the New Cosmic Collaboration!

Biswap Oct 3 · 4 min read Biswap ecosystem expands with superior speed. This time we’re welcoming our new advantageous partner — Radio Caca. Let’s see where this collaboration will lead Biswap and what benefits you’ll get from it. Get to Know Radio Caca 🌟RACA (Radio Caca) is backed by OKX Blockdream Ventures & Tachyon … Read more

Alpaca Finance Institutional Newsletter #7

Developed and emerging countries alike are quietly racing to finish stress tests of CBDC programs tipping BIS (Bank of Internation Settlements) to provide technology infrastructure. The list includes Hong Kong, China, Thailand, UEA, Israel, Norway and Sweden. Thus, the writing is on the walls with respect to where sovereign currency issuance is headed, which is … Read more