The Benefits of Multi-Token Pools

Balancer Multi-Token Pools offer Liquidity Providers a greater degree of control compared to traditional 50/50 Pools Liquidity Pools have revolutionized the world of cryptocurrency trading, allowing investors to earn yields from idle funds and traders to instantly swap one asset for another. As with any new paradigm, however, first-generation Liquidity Pools and Automated Market Makers (AMMs) … Read more

veBAL Pt.2 — Bribing and BIP19’s Free Bribes

veBAL Pt.2 — Bribing and BIP19’s Free Bribes Part two of our veBAL series dives into bribing, BIP19’s free bribes, and how protocols use voting incentives. A Multilayered Incentive Economy In part one of this series, “veBAL- How to Increase your Benefits,” we saw how veBAL is a powerful tokenomics method for protocols looking to increase liquidity. We … Read more

veBAL — How to Increase your Benefits

veBAL — How to Increase your Benefits This post is the first of a two-part series where we will discuss Balancer’s adoption of the veModel and gauge system. Previous articles explain Balancer’s veTokenomics, so a quick refresh is sufficient. April 2022 — Balancer adopts the veModel (vote escrowed model) The longer a user locks veBAL, the more voting rights they have in … Read more

Balancer Leads the Yield Bearing Token Revolution

Learn how users can earn further yields on staked ETH, benefiting both projects and the Protocol. The Ethereum Upgrade or “Merge” is on the horizon, eliminating the need for energy-intensive mining and instead will secure the network using staked ETH. There’s a surplus of coverage surrounding one of the most significant upgrades in the history … Read more

How Balancer Saves Users ETH

Through strategic integrations and sidechain expansions, Balancer’s tech helps mitigate ETH transaction fees Though declining, Ethereum transaction fees still add up to eye-popping amounts over time. Throughout most of 2021, the average cost of a transaction ranged from $20–40 and peaked at a whopping $196 on May 1, 2022, amid NFT hype. You may not … Read more

We Are Orb Collective

Orb’s mission is to scale global utilization of Balancer Protocol. Every idea starts with a problem. Balancer’s was simple. How does the Protocol decentralize influence and decision-making without sacrificing efficiency? The success of a protocol is only as strong as the entities that contribute to and support the growth and evolution. Out of this problem … Read more

Inside Balancer Contracts — BasePool

Inside Balancer Contracts — BasePool Full credit for this BasePool deep dive goes to Beethoven X member 0xSkly. Balancer’s strength comes from its ecosystem and those using/ building upon the Balancer technology. Now that we have talked about pool permissions and the new recovery mode, it’s time to actually start talking about the real deal — pools! This is … Read more

Inside Balancer Code — TimelockAuthorizer

Inside Balancer Code — TimelockAuthorizer Full credit for this detailed article goes to Beethoven X member 0xSkly. Many thanks for comprehensively showcasing the extent of Balancer’s codebase and technology. Fine grained authorization mechanisms are key when protecting a complex protocol like Balancer. Another key aspect is execution transparency combined with a delay so users can react to … Read more

Staking 101: What It Means For Balancer

Staking incentivizes users to maintain the integrity of the network they are participating in. Below we walk through the staking process and its benefits to Balancer. Consensus Mechanisms — A Brief Overview Blockchain technology is the foundation upon which all cryptocurrency is built. They operate as a ledger — storing transaction data on an open-source and decentralized database. The decentralized … Read more

Bug Bounty Progress Disclosure

Bug Bounties — Another Key Step to Strengthen the Security of the Balancer Protocol Security has always been the top priority at Balancer. The team is committed to safer DeFi, and all reported potential vulnerabilities are investigated thoroughly. The Balancer bug bounty program is among the largest in DeFi, with maximum payouts of 1000 ETH. TL;DR: Two potentially exploitable … Read more