We Have Moved to Badger.com

The new badger.com is officially LIVE! To christen the new site, Spadaboom has dropped a Badger Retrospective & 2021 Roadmap in our badger.com News section. With the launch of our own news section, we will no longer be posting here on Medium. Please check the site and keep your eye on socials for all your Badger News! … Read more

Badger Boost Optimizer: User Guide

With the passage of BIP 63, the Badger community voted to change how BADGER rewards are distributed to users of Sett Vaults, resulting in the Boost Power Up. The new system allocates more BADGER rewards to users who show a desire to participate in governance and support the BadgerDAO ecosystem by holding Badger assets. It … Read more

Convex Helper Vaults Explained

All Badger strategies to this point have either had a BTC or Native (BADGER/DIGG) component. In order to optimize returns on the new CRV LP Vaults and future partner vaults, we’ve launched our new helper vaults. They are aimed at optimizing partner rewards earned by our depositors to bring better yields to the underlying BTC … Read more

How to Bridge ibBTC to Polygon

The cross-chain journey continues… The time has finally come for users to bridge their highly composable interest bearing bitcoin (ibBTC) to Polygon to put it to work. As of today, users who bridge their assets will be able to earn both $MATIC and $SUHSI rewards in the newly launched WBTC/ibBTC LP on Sushi. This same … Read more


BadgerDAO Launching Curve Optimizer Vaults in Collaboration with Convex Finance Much of current Ethereum L1 yield farming is based on the long term CRV emission plan by Curve.fi. The original BTC-only Badger Setts are strategies that collect and sell CRV for more of the underlying which is different from how we treat other tokens earned via … Read more

ibBTC and bBadger Now Accepted as Collateral on Ruler Protocol

Adding more utility to ibBTC Since launch, users who minted ibBTC have been able provide liquidity on the new Sushiswap ibBTC/WBTC pool in order to receive an LP token that could then be staked in a dedicated Badger vault for boosted APY and little impermanent loss. Until now… BadgerDAO is excited to announce that Ruler Protocol … Read more

This Week in DeFi – May 14

To the DeFi community, Enzyme continues to upgrade its one-stop-shop for collective crypto investing, adding access to Curve Finance stETH-ETH liquidity pool via the Enzyme protocol interface. In addition to other yield farming opportunities available through Enzyme vaults, the stETH-ETH pool will generate rewards in LIDO, CRV, and proportional fee revenue from trades made using … Read more

BadgerDAO’s “Rebase Mining” Kicks Off Now Using UMA’s KPI Options

Clayton Roche May 13 · 4 min read In an effort to encourage positive rebases of BadgerDAO’s DIGG token, BagerDAO has launched “Rebase Mining” using UMA’s KPI Options. In order to best explain how this works and what it means for both communities, I have asked Jon Tompkins from the BadgerDAO team to answer some … Read more