Avalanche Creates is Coming to Berkeley, California

A six day, in-person event with talks from Avalanche community leaders and mentorship from industry experts–culminating in a pitch day with top tier investors. Avalanche Creates is an event series prioritizing intimate, meaningful moments for developers, researchers, and creators building Web3 to connect and learn from industry experts. Compete in the Avalanche Creates Pitch Day, … Read more

Re Is Building a Global Decentralized Insurance Marketplace on Avalanche

The integration will tokenize reinsurance, making it more widely available beyond its historical class of institutional participants. Re, a blockchain-powered reinsurer that has just left stealth mode after securing funding, is building a decentralized reinsurance marketplace on Avalanche. This marketplace will be global. It will aim to increase transparency through proof of reserves and transactions … Read more

Artist Spotlight: Tap Tap Kaboom’s Vast NFT Doodleverse

The Avalanche NFT artist’s dreamlike pieces spring from a lush, imaginary world Rich Armstrong doodles. He doodles giant jellyfish. He doodles singing trees and talking rainbows. He doodles robotic birds with scissor beaks, clusters of floating eyes, and cartoon skulls and bones drifting through starry space. As a 34-year-old artist working from his Amsterdam studio, … Read more

Boba Launches the First L2 on Avalanche

The integration gives Avalanche dApps another means to low fees, speed, and scaling. Boba, the layer-2 scaling solution with Hybrid Compute capabilities allowing smart contracts to call Web2 APIs, has expanded support to Avalanche. Boba is Avalanche’s first L2. The integration gives Avalanche developers yet another powerful option in their scaling toolkit. Boba launched in September 2021. … Read more

Transfero Brings Digital Brazilian Real to Avalanche

The launch opens a new door between Avalanche dApps and Brazil’s 215 million people In May 2022, the most popular Brazilian stablecoin landed on Avalanche. Transfero, an international fintech company with a blockchain focus, has brought a new stablecoin to the Avalanche ecosystem. The stablecoin, $BRZ, is pegged to the Brazilian Real, the official currency of … Read more

Securitize Launches Tokenized Exposure to KKR Fund on Avalanche

New Fund Unlocks Broader Access to Alternative Investment Through Digital Ownership on Avalanche Securitize, a leading digital asset securities firm, today announced the launch of a fund tokenizing an interest in KKR’s Health Care Strategic Growth Fund II (“HCSG II”) on the Avalanche public blockchain. This is a major step toward making institutional private market … Read more

Avalanche (AVAX) Listed on FTX Japan

AVAX lands on another leading exchange serving the Japanese market FTX Japan is now offering trading for AVAX, the native token of the Avalanche blockchain (AVAX), increasing the presence of Avalanche in a key international market. The markets for AVAX on FTX Japan went live this week. Japanese customers can now trade AVAX/JPY and AVAX/USD pairs, … Read more

Apricot Phase 6: Native Asset Call Deprecation

Summary TL;DR: Funds are safu. Multiple dev teams worked around the clock for the last few days to address a potential issue that is now fixed. This report explains what happened. Last Sunday on September 4, 2022, we received a report of an issue from the Abracadabra and Sushi developer teams, who, in turn, were … Read more

OpenBlox to Migrate Growing NFT Gaming Platform to Avalanche, Launch Three New Titles

The integration gives Avalanche a unique game family with extensive NFT capabilities and forthcoming game-to-game crossover elements. OpenBlox, an EVM-based NFT gaming platform, will be bringing its existing and upcoming titles to Avalanche. Together, these games form an ecosystem called Bloxverse, a Web3 community united by a common developer team, token, and in-game elements that … Read more