ApeSwap + BANANO Banana Party

Whats better than one 🍌? Two 🍌🍌! Continuing #HotDeFiSummer after our dip in the ocean with Seascape.network, we figured it would be a great time for a snack😋 We’re excited to announce we are officially partnering with BANANO, another great high-potassium token 👏 About BANANO🍌 Backed by next generation DAG tech and potassium, BANANO is a cryptocurrency getting … Read more

Demystifying Yield Farming — The Risks Are Worth The Rewards

Over the last year, yield farming has become a common buzzword and an unstoppable force in decentralized finance. So what exactly is yield farming? Various blockchain-based applications offer customers incentives for using or providing liquidity to their platform. Yield farming is the intent to earn those incentives for a profit. It can be as simple … Read more

#BUIDL Newsletter — 002

🐵 #BUIDL Newsletter — 002 All your #BUIDL Updates on the Jungle 🌴 The jungle never stops growing. Its just that simple 🤷‍♀ We got a whole new cohort of accepted BUIDL applicants, plus some new graduates! Get all the details in the second BUIDL newsletter 👨‍🎓 Interested in joining BUIDL? You can always check out the program … Read more

Who Fuels the Jungle — The ApeSwap Team

Who Fuels the Jungle — The ApeSwap Team 🌴 Meet all the Apes that make ApeSwap possible 🐵 We have had some questions about how ApeSwap is continuously pushing out content, partnerships and features 🤔 Plain and simple, it’s not easy and we couldn’t do it without a team of DeFi Apes working all the time 💪 These Apes work … Read more

ApeSwap welcomes xBTC to BSC

Gain exposure to BTC Dominance 📈 One of our favorite things about DeFi is the ability to come up with creative and innovative financial products 🤓 The properties unlocked when you begin to program mediums of exchange are endless, and we are seeing so many projects push the barriers of what we previously thought was possible … Read more

Increasing rewards for core $BANANA Farms

Setting ourselves up to be a premier DEX 🚀 Apes, hopefully by now you have realized we are in it for the long haul 💪 And with being a long-term minded project, comes lots of opportunities to learn and grow 🤓 Above all, ApeSwap is a DEX. In our pursuit of becoming the best DEX possible for … Read more