Being A Sushi Artist: Interviews with the Birthday NFT Contest Winners

Sushi Sep 22 · 6 min read Our first anniversary birthday contest was a roaring success: over 100 artists entered, treating our eyeballs to over 65 pieces of stunning Sushi-related artwork! The top 3 winners of the Birthday NFT Contest are: ‘Be a Party Chad With Sushi’ by @mochiNFT 2. ‘Sushi Runner’ by @fEJKgg 3. … Read more

Harvest Finance ‘Farm Arts’ Creativity Contest ROUND 5 — SPRING EDITION

Harvest Finance ‘Farm Arts’ Creativity Contest ROUND 5 — SPRING EDITION 👨‍🌾Attention Farmers: It’s been a while since our last iteration of the creativity contest and we have certainly missed your awesome submissions! The Christmas edition brought us beautiful carvings, catchy songs, benevolent charity work and many other amazing entries. 🌼Spring has just begun and we thought it would … Read more