Reef Finance Integrating with Parsiq to Connect Reef Chain with Real-World Applications

Derek E. Silva Jul 8 · 3 min read Reef Finance is pleased to share with our bustling community that PARSIQ, the solution turning blockchain data into actions, will be brought to Reef Chain! Since blockchains generate huge amounts of data that is completely disconnected from the rest of the world, processing that data and … Read more

ROOK Distribution & Emission Schedule

ROOK Emissions ROOK is emitted every block through inflation. The amount of ROOK emitted in a block remains the same for the duration of one quarter (three months). The first quarter emits 200,000 ROOK. The initial supply is 800,000 ROOK. The total ROOK emitted during a quarter is 70% of the total ROOK emitted during the previous quarter. … Read more

Let the games begin

These developments go live 24 hours after the liquidity and arbitrage mining program ends. The Turk was a mechanical illusion that allowed a human chess master hiding inside to operate the machine. With a skilled operator, the Turk won most of the games played during its demonstrations around Europe and the Americas for nearly 84 years. The … Read more

A performance benchmark on mempool services

Traders analyze the Ethereum mempool to dramatically increase the odds of capturing profit What is the mempool The mempool is a group Ethereum transactions that have been broadcasted to the network and are waiting to be mined into a block. A mempool service provides direct insight into a transaction’s life cycle. A transaction waits in mempool … Read more

A keeper’s guide to arbitrage mining $ROOK

Take your arbitrage, liquidation, and tailgating operation to the next level with arbitrage mining on KeeperDAO. Not only will you be rewarded for the hard work that you’re already doing, but you’ll be participating in the very first trading pool on Ethereum. When Kasparov (black) mixed up the moves for the Caro-Kann defence, Deep Blue … Read more

Caro-Kann: Introducing $ROOK, Liquidity Mining & Arbitrage Mining

This article outlines the functions of KeeperDAO’s native token, ROOK, its role in the protocol, and the initial ecosystem rewards program, which begins on November 3 UTC 07:00. Synopsis KeeperDAO is an economic experiment. Our whitepaper can be found here. Please be mindful that the project is constantly evolving, and whilst it has been audited, we … Read more

Gas Gambits — Game Theory Example of Incentivized Collaboration

Gas Gambits — Game Theory Example of Incentivized Collaboration “A gambit (from ancient Italian gambetto, meaning “to trip”) is a chess opening in which a player sacrifices material, with the hope of achieving a resulting advantageous position” As an alternative to minimizing profit by competing with each other, KeeperDAO incentivizes keepers to pool their liquidity and share … Read more

KeeperDAO v1 is Live

We’re excited to announce the mainnet release of KeeperDAO. KeeperDAO is a protocol that economically incentivizes pooled participation in keeper strategies which manage liquidations, rebalances and arbitrage on DeFi applications spanning trading, exchange, and lending. Visit the dashboard here The growth of DeFi applications brings increased dependence on arbitrageurs and liquidators to ensure orderly liquidations, provide … Read more