Orbit Financial Technology Joins the Big Data Protocol Data Alliance to Provide Earnings Call…

Orbit Financial Technology Joins the Big Data Protocol Data Alliance to Provide Earnings Call Transcripts & Broker Research on Chinese Equities Big Data Protocol (BDP) extends their breadth of financial market data partners by adding UK-based Orbit Financial Technology to the BDP Data Alliance. This new partnership will extend BDP’s data product coverage into China-focused (including … Read more

Exchange Data International Joins the Big Data Protocol Data Alliance to Provide Global…

Exchange Data International Joins the Big Data Protocol Data Alliance to Provide Global Fixed-Income, Equities and Derivative Data Headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices in over 7 countries, Exchange Data International (EDI) is a leader in providing the global financial community with comprehensive and complete reference and pricing data. Most of the pre-eminent mutual funds, … Read more

Looking Back and Forward — September edition

Opium Team Oct 1 · 4 min read If Autumn represents progress and maturity, then Opium is certainly flowing with the seasons. As September draws to a close, we contributors are proudly looking back at all the developments. Considering how many people are building and how many interesting governance proposals are coming in, we know … Read more

7 Key Takeaways From Smart Contract Summit #1

Smart Contract Summit #1 is officially over! From our talented speakers and panelists to our overwhelmingly enthusiastic community members, thank you to everyone who helped make the summit one of the blockchain industry’s biggest events of 2021. 15,000+ attendees from 140+ countries around the globe came together to hear from 200+ industry-leading founders, researchers, and … Read more

Introducing the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) for Decentralized Inter-Chain Messaging and Token Movements

The growth of numerous independent blockchain ecosystems with varying optimizations and geographical niches has resulted in an increasingly multi-chain world. Being able to seamlessly tap into the advantages of each of these blockchains and their unique assets within a single application would drive a massive wave of new cross-chain smart contract development—no different than the … Read more

Chainlink Keepers Is Now Live On Mainnet, Bringing Secure, Low Cost Off-Chain Computation to dApps

DeFi innovation took off once projects could outsource their oracles to decentralized solutions like Chainlink Price Feeds. Developers no longer needed to build core backend infrastructure, shifting their focus entirely to creating novel DeFi products. Similar to oracles, Chainlink Keepers expedites hybrid smart contract innovation by giving developers access to secure and reliable off-chain computation … Read more

Introducing the Chainlink Feed Registry: A Universal Gateway to Chainlink Price Feeds

As a framework for connecting smart contracts on any blockchain to external data resources, the Chainlink Network is continually improving the developer experience through the addition of new features and capabilities. As a continuation of this goal, we are proud to introduce the Chainlink Feed Registry, an on-chain registry that maps existing token contract addresses … Read more

Chainlink Keepers Open Beta Is Live: A Fully Decentralized Service for Smart Contract DevOps

We are excited to announce that the Chainlink Keepers Open Beta is now opening up for initial users, community review, and feedback. Chainlink Keepers provide smart contract developers, decentralized applications (dApps), and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) with a highly reliable, decentralized, and cost-efficient method of automating smart contract functions and regular contract maintenance, creating a … Read more

Announcing Smart Contract Summit #1

Registration is now officially open for Smart Contract Summit #1, the premier blockchain conference powered by Chainlink, which is back this August 5-7, 2021. As the largest Chainlink event of the year, Smart Contract Summit #1 will feature three full days of keynotes, panels, workshops, AMAs, and more from top DeFi and NFT projects, developers, … Read more

Expanding the Chainlink Community Advocate Program

We’re putting out the call for new Advocates to take our community to the next level and help accelerate Chainlink adoption across the globe. If you share our vision of creating an economically fair world through hybrid smart contracts and decentralized oracle networks, we encourage you to join the Chainlink Community Advocate Program today. Why … Read more