Introducing the Bird Ambassador Program

It’s time for us to level up our community members! We’re excited to announce Operation Bird Nest, our new ambassador program. Bird is growing and it is an exciting time. As we build, it’s important that the Flock grows and gains in strength along with us. The Bird Ambassador program is designed to unite our Flock … Read more

Bird Calls Community Update

Volume 1 • Issue 9 After an exciting and jam packed couple of months of intense development, we’re back to share our updates with The Flock. We’ve got a lot to cover from our Binance Labs Incubator Program selection through to community engagement programs. So let’s get to it! Binance Labs Incubator Program The Binance Labs Incubator … Read more

Bird’s Analytic NFT Ready to Hatch

The first and only NFT that is generated using your unique wallet transaction history is about to undergo its first mint, starting a revolutionary new class of NFT, the Analytic NFT. Avian Avatars is the first mint of the revolutionary new class of NFT, the aNFT or Analytic NFT In our last monthly newsletter, the research team … Read more

Bird Locks in a Partnership with

Bird continues to evolve making partnership advancements with one of the most requested products in our lineup of analytic dApp tools. As a data supplier for the blockchain, our intention is to work with dApp developers and Web 3.0 platforms that can begin to leverage the power of data analytics by easily plugging into Bird’s data … Read more

Bird Calls Community Update

Vol 1 • Issue 8 Bird soars into the NFT space, analytics are in full flight, a trip across the pond, airdrops, YouTube reviews and a community competition; the growth and innovation coming from within the nest doesn’t stop. Product, Platform, Protocol Updates Bird Invents an Entirely New Type of NFT Non-Fungible Tokens have continued to draw excitement from … Read more

Solana: The Next Logical Step for Bird

Bird is following where blockchain enterprise innovation takes place The Bird Nest is excited to inform our incredible Bird Flock and the wider DeFi community that our suite of next-gen analytic products will soon be available to Solana teams and developers. The $BIRD token is officially live on the Solana network, available for cross-chain bridging through … Read more

Inside the Chef’s Jacket, I’m Software: Multi-Pockets for All The Chains

ayoki Apr 29 · 10 min read Your moniker, I’m Software, is so unique, so I have to start by asking: How did you get it and what’s the meaning? There’s a well-known theory that we’re all living in a simulation. If that were true, in a sense it would mean that we’re all software. … Read more