Introducing ApeSwap Governance

One Small Step for Apes, One Large Leap for Ape-kind 🐵 As promised in our July pledges (and alluded to in Obie Dobo’s recent Reddit thread), ApeSwap governance is nearly ready to roll out! 😎 The Basics: About ApeSwap Governance 📝 As originally proposed, ApeSwap Governance is planned to revolve around our most essential long-term community members — those … Read more

IAO #005 — BiShares Index Fund!

IAO #006 — BiShares Index Fund! 📈 Safely diversify across crypto assets 🤓 Apes, we are proud to present our next IAO! Please put your prehensile feet together for *drum roll* 🥁 BiShares.Finance!! 🥳 About BiShares 🦬 BiShares is a decentralized platform for Index Funds on BSC! The team over at BiShares has a robust and bold plan to create … Read more

Charting and Limit Orders are Coming to ApeSwap’s Decentralized Exchange

Teaming up with BogTools 💪 In our mission to take monkeys into the stratosphere we have been strategically planning features to add to our decentralized exchange 🐵 With the goal of providing the best trading experience for you apes, we are teaming up with BogTools to implement charting on the ApeSwap platform for all our trading pairs, … Read more

ApeSwap’s Bug Bounty Program

Partnering with ImmeneFi to keep you SAFU 🔒 If you are a crypto enthusiast, developer, or security researcher who LOVES ApeSwap, you can now earn bounties for revealing exploitable bugs in the ApeSwap platform that put user funds at risk 💰 ApeSwap is excited to share our official bug bounty program, hosted by ImmuneFi, which kicked off … Read more