ApeSwap Governance Round IV

More Effective Emissions: Proposals 15 & 16 This round of governance votes is intended to catapult ApeSwap into DeFi 2.0 & better utilize our emissions. Details below! A Quick Refresher On How it Works 🗳 ApeSwap Governance is a platform designed to give the community insight and input into the most impactful decisions concerning ApeSwap. To distribute voting … Read more

December Report

Our #WenNewsSer Finale 😉 Apes, what a year it's been, and we’re thankful for each and every one of you! In Q4 we posted our highest trade volume, most new listings, most revenue, and highest burn % since our inception last February. And with the help of our valued partners, got to end the year with a … Read more

‘Crypto Was a Strange Bunch of People – Adventurers, Idealists, and Soldiers of Fortune,’ Says Liquidify Market Lead

BeinCrypto spoke to Max, a core member of Liquidify, the world’s first liquidity accelerator for long-tail crypto assets. He explains his journey into crypto and how Liquidify was created. Sponsored Sponsored Max is Liquidify’s Marketing Team Lead, who has been in the cryptocurrency game for about four years. His origin story is unique, and about … Read more

DeFi Deep Dive — UMA, Cutting Middlemen Out of Derivatives Markets

Introducing the cost of lawyers and financial advisors has always represented a high barrier to entry to financial markets. With the help of smart contracts and oracles, the UMA project aims to bring that barrier down. Sponsored Sponsored Unlike meme coins that are created for the sole purpose of riding the whimsical waves of social … Read more


The winning scalability stack for ethereum Pedro Febrero (@febrocas) May 5 · 8 min read Abstract Optimism is developing the Layer 2 (L2) for ethereum, which we believe will become the most widely adopted by the protocol’s users. Optimism resembles plasma but trades off some scalability to enable running fully general (e.g. Solidity) smart contracts … Read more

The Raydium Protocol

The Raydium Protocol 🧬 Raydium is an on-chain order book AMM powering the evolution of DeFi In less than a year, we’ve seen Decentralized Finance (DeFi) grow from a buzz word to an entire ecosystem that is setting new standards for personal financial autonomy and trust. DeFi embodies everything that decentralization and cryptocurrency is about. It allows … Read more