1inch’s cumulative Merkle drop tool: an overview

The tool facilitates multiple token airdrops, making the distribution cheaper and more efficient. As part of a series on developer tools built by the 1inch core contributor team, this article introduces the 1inch cumulative Merkle drop tool. It facilitates optimized gas costs and top-level security in a situation where regular airdrops to the same addresses … Read more

Coming in Hot, Our latest Airdrop

Pera Finance Just now·2 min read It’s time for all you NFA holders to get excited 🥳 With our recent partnership with ApeSwap, we couldn’t be happier to bring to you NFA holders our latest AirDrop. Scroll down, you do not want to miss this! 🦧What are Non-Fungible Apes? Non-Fungible Apes (or NFAs) is a … Read more

Pera Finance x CoinMarketCap – Community Airdrop

Pera Finance Just now·2 min read We’re very pleased to announce that we applied for Pera Finance community airdrop on CoinMarketCap! With the airdrop campaign, we aim to reward our loyal followers and increase PERA’s exposure. 500 users who complete the following tasks will earn 100 PERA Tokens! We are very close to the start … Read more

Airdropping bBETA

Fairness and rewarding our loyal community are part of Big Data Protocol’s core tenets. With this in mind, bBETA tokens will be distributed via yield farming and airdrop. Why airdrop? BDP & bALPHA hodlers are at the heart of our project and we want to express our gratitude with a 2-stage airdrop of bBETA tokens — designed to … Read more


QuickDuck May 7·2 min read Today we’re excited to announce the QuickDuck.finance Airdrop launch with 1000 QUACKs 🦆🚀🦆 AirDrop $QUACKs are distributed as follows 👇🏻🔹100 QUACKs in equal quantity to 10 winners according to the number of referrals in the Airdrop🔹900 QUACKs in equal quantity to all AirDrop participants Tell Me More You can be … Read more