B.Protocol and KeeperDAO

Coordination is better than competition. When we coordinate, we build a more efficient world, where protocols grow strong by working together, viewing shared interests as alignment, rather than collision. KeeperDAO and B.Protocol have been competitors. Both projects were born out of Black Thursday — March 12-13 2020 — when a liquidity crisis struck protocols like … Read more

November Development Update

As some of my American colleagues return from some well-deserved holiday/family time, I want to reflect on that holiday spirit and just say how thankful I am to be a part of this project and community. The passion that our community members have for seeing us succeed really inspires and re-engages me on a daily … Read more

October Development Update

Between governance initiatives, the community growth, and advancing closer to the Coordination Game launch, this month has once again flown by. Before we get into the updates, we want to recognize a milestone date for KeeperDAO. On November 1st, 2020, the very first ROOK token was minted, making today ROOK's official 1st birthday! We want … Read more

September Development Update

This last month saw Governance take center stage, but we want to end the month just as we began, by reaffirming the 'why' in our "Mission of KeeperDAO" article, and refocusing on our core values. These values: Decentralize Solve hard problems Search for "win-win" scenarios MEV doesn't belong to block producers Reward those that add … Read more

August Development Update

We feel like we say this every month, but August was jam packed with new releases and exciting developments. We kicked off Act IV, governance, and community calls, while officially hiring a few new Core employees as well as the Labs team. We also introduced our new visual brand identity. Act IV: Coordination We started … Read more