One Year In. Whitepaper Complete. Where Do We Go From Here?

Meta With the roll out of SMART Alpha, we have completed, for the most part, what was set out in the BarnBridge whitepaper. It’s been a long ride and I’d love to spend time looking back on the past year, or even two, and talk about how we got here and everything that happened along … Read more

Introducing the Integrations Team & our Dev Document Markdowns

Developer Documentation is Now Live! Hey everyone, To start — we want to celebrate hitting $100m in TVL for BarnBridge’s SMART Yield product. 🎉🎉 We‘re excited to provide an update on the BarnBridge Integrations Team whose appointment passed community governance with unanimous support. The integrations team (via their Discord handles) are: Pavlo | BarnBridge Ser Speculor Ser Wir Over the … Read more

State of the Union: Partnerships, Development, Gitcoin, & Community Involvement after the DAO…

State of the Union: Partnerships, Development, Gitcoin, & Community Involvement after the DAO release. Introduction I thought about this being a post in Discord but I wanted to attempt to organize my thoughts so everyone had the chance to see it — so this will be a long one because we’ve kind of been waiting to let the … Read more

Bond.Bet Plans — A Secret Service Operation Declassified.

Bond.Bet Plans — A Secret Service Operation Declassified. Our No-Loss Savings Game in partnership with PoolTogether is live. Introduction My career has always been at the intersection of entrepreneurship, software, and finance. On top of that, I’ve been an avid sports bettor for a very long time. This combination has given me a unique outlook on risk-taking and … Read more

Sunsetting our NFT program with Community Rewards

Introduction When we originally set out to create the BarnBridge ERC-721, we were generally curious in how we could use NFTs to track early community participants. We also were generally curious about the use cases for NFTs more specific to #defi as opposed to the one of a kind art related space. Since our announcement of … Read more

BarnBridge 2021 Roadmap: Barn Building Plans

Website | Twitter| Github | Whitepaper | LaunchDAO | Discord Introduction We are hoping 2021 is a great year for BarnBridge and all of you, so we would like to formally announce our roadmap for 2021. Happy New Year from the BarnBridge team! Naturally, Q1 will be the most accurate and as we release our products we … Read more