Alpha Finance Lab Rebrands & Expands Into Alpha Venture DAO To Disrupt Web3 Ecosystem

Alpha Finance Lab is rebranding and expanding to Alpha Venture DAO, a community of daring individuals who shape the future of Web3 by reinventing how decentralized applications (dApps) are built, contributed, and owned. Together with you, we will build and incubate Web3 innovation in order to become a massive ecosystem of dApps that captures value … Read more

MEV Bots & Uniswap Implicit Assumptions

We recently received a user report regarding abnormal position value loss in Alpha Homora V2 on Ethereum after the position was opened. Looking at the transaction details, the slippage control values correctly reflected the 1% tolerance, but the LP value still did not conform. So what’s going on? In short, an Miner Extractable Value (MEV) … Read more

Announcing Alpha Grants: The Excavator & The Stonemason Grants

After an overwhelming response to the launch of Provably Rare Gems (GEMs), we are giving out The Excavator Grant and The Stonemason Grant for Alpha Wolves who are interested in helping us expand further into the Metaverse! With much of the community being retail-centric, many do not possess the computation power needed to efficiently mine … Read more

Alpha Venturing Into The Metaverse with Provably Rare Gems

Alpha Finance Lab is launching Provably Rare Gems, in short GEMs, in collaboration with swit.eth, the original thinker and builder of GEMs. Over the weekend, swit.eth proposed Provably Rare Gems on the Alpha Forum, which we found the idea to be very groundbreaking. The idea really challenges you to rethink about the nature of assets … Read more