Sake: Burn to mint & drink

Sushi Mar 27 · 3 min read If you haven’t already, don’t forget to burn your $Sak3 for a SAKΞ NFT to redeem your bottle of Sake. In case you missed the previous update we’ve highlighted the next steps for all $Sak3 token holders below. For the early burners The ‘allow list’ to mint an … Read more

Launching Trident — Phase 1

Sushi Mar 16 · 5 min read We’re used to the idea of exchanges releasing new automated market makers (AMMs) with each new version (e.g. Uni v3 or Curve v2). They’re usually hard-coded pools (AMMs) into an interface where users can swap/add liquidity. Instead of yet another AMM, Trident is going to be a new … Read more

Kashi: UI & features update

Sushi Mar 21 · 4 min read We’ve just revamped our Kashi lending & borrowing user interface! Before we dive into the before and afters, we’ll first start with intro on what Kashi actually is about: What is Kashi? Kashi is a lending and margin trading platform, built on BentoBox, that allows for anyone to … Read more