Moonriver on Sushi: A How To on Swapping, Adding and Bridging

Sushi Oct 25 · 7 min read How to Use Moonriver on Sushi When Moonriver won its parachain auction, it effectively became its own blockchain on Kusama. So, when you transact on Moonriver’s parachain, you will use MOVR to pay network fees, and when you bridge your tokens, you will bridge to Moonriver, not Kusama. … Read more

Sushi to the Moon: The Future of DeFi Interoperability

Sushi Oct 25 · 4 min read Background and Integration The Sushi community voted in favor of launching liquidity on Kusama and Polkadot after the initiative was proposed to the community by Derek Yoo (the founder of Moonbeam) in October of 2020. Now that Moonriver has launched as a parachain on Kusama, it’s time to … Read more

It’s a Celo-bration!! How to Access Sushi on Celo

Sushi Oct 13 · 7 min read Sushi is excited to announce that Celo liquidity rewards will be live tomorrow, October 14th at 8PM UTC! In this tutorial, you’ll learn more about Sushi and how to start earning rewards with Celo. Topics covered in this tutorial: Introduction to SushiHow are SUSHI rewards distributed?How to earn … Read more

Sushi Launches Celo “DeFi for the People” with $12.6M rewards!!

Sushi Oct 13 · 4 min read Sushi now Live on Celo with Liquidity Rewards SushiSwap, is proud to partner with Celo’s DeFi for the People initiative, to bring the promise of DeFi to more than 6 billion smartphone users around the world. The Celo community joins Sushi in announcing $12.6M in initial joint liquidity … Read more

AMM & Beyond — How to Unlock The Powers of Kashi Lending & Margin Trading

Sushi Sep 28 · 9 min read We know there are many updates coming to the Sushi ecosystem and with all of the hype surrounding our AMM upgrade, Trident, we thought it was no time like the present to take a deeper look at Trident’s infrastructure, BentoBox, and its first product, Kashi Lending & Margin … Read more

Being A Sushi Artist: Interviews with the Birthday NFT Contest Winners

Sushi Sep 22 · 6 min read Our first anniversary birthday contest was a roaring success: over 100 artists entered, treating our eyeballs to over 65 pieces of stunning Sushi-related artwork! The top 3 winners of the Birthday NFT Contest are: ‘Be a Party Chad With Sushi’ by @mochiNFT 2. ‘Sushi Runner’ by @fEJKgg 3. … Read more

Oh My xDai! How to Unlock New Incentives with Sushi on xDai, Tutorial

Sushi Jul 22 · 6 min read Sushi has deployed on several chains now, and we are very much excited to heat things up even more this summer by including support for xDai. To incentivize usage, an additional $2M in liquidity will be provided for select trading pairs!! Detailed instructions follow. If you are familiar … Read more

Introducing, The Sushi Next Generation AMM: Trident

Sushi Jul 20 · 11 min read There have been many speculations on what our well-kept 7/20 secret announcement was going to be, and we’re happy to say that most of you were close, but no cigar! We are glad that we were able to surprise most of you with this exciting news, and are … Read more

We! Are! Family! Use Sushi on Harmony: A Harmony Bridge Tutorial

Sushi Jul 5 · 4 min read Last week we announced the full-stack partnership with Harmony, including the $4M in incentives for liquidity mining and Kashi lending. Not to mention, the $1M in Hackathon incentives which will focus on onboarding software engineers from traditional finance to DeFi. Today, we will show you how to participate … Read more