Step Update #4

Step Finance Just now·3 min read STEP it up Some exciting new developments recently here at Step, lots to discuss lets get straight into it! STEP Transaction Executor Emissions Model Only Step has no future plans to offer any long term STEP emission LP farms and instead we will be switching entirely to the ‘Transaction … Read more

STEP Updated Emission Schedule

Step Finance Just now·4 min read Step It Up TLDR: -98% less emissions weekly for LPs and transition to transaction subsidies for Step AMM swappers (‘Transaction executors’ in our tokenomics docs) over time. Background Step Finance recently ended our 3 month commitment to Raydium’s Fusion pools for the STEP/USDC pair. In our last blog we … Read more

STEP Emissions Migration

Step Finance Just now·2 min read STEP Emissions have now ended on the Raydium STEP/USDC pool and this pool will soon be deprecated by Raydium. As discussed in our last few blogs, we will soon be launching the Step AMM which will have new emission pools (STEP/SOL and STEP/FTT to begin, more later) however this … Read more

Step FinanceUpdate #2

Step Finance Just now·3 min read New Stuff: Charities, Integrations, Fiat, TX History Another crazy month has passed at Step and as we look back again on the all the things that have happened it seems a lot longer than it was, perhaps we’ve been in a time warp or something… Let’s discuss some of … Read more

Next steps for STEP

Step Finance Just now·3 min read In the coming weeks, the first phase of emissions will be running out on the existing Raydium Fusion STEP/USDC pool- our initial engagement with Raydium was 3 months of emissions on the Fusion pool then to re-evaluate at that time if we continue or choose another pool, 3 months … Read more

Step Finance Update #1

Step Finance Just now·4 min read There are many STEPs along the way Its been an exciting few months at Step we have launched so many new and features to the platform in addition to one of the most successful Solana token launches so far (26k active participants, #1 liquidity pool for the last 2 … Read more

STEP Tokenomics

$STEP Token Overview Step Finance is a portfolio visualisation platform which aggregates all LPs, tokens, farms and positions that a user may have associated with their wallet and displays it in an easy to use dashboard with various useful metrics and visualisations. Step aims to be the page which DeFi users have open all day … Read more

Step Token Launch Mechanics

Step it up Step Token Launch Mechanics The Step Finance team has been hard at work on the upcoming STEP token Launch. Today we will go into more details on the mechanics of the launch. We have been back and forth with a few of the IDO launchpad type projects on Solana. Ultimately after much confusion on … Read more