Update: StablePay app for L2

StablePay Apr 14路3 min read https://stablepay.vercel.app/ Now with StablePay, you can make deposits and withdrawals in L2 directly in our demo app, we have always wanted to reduce transaction costs for our users and have a better experience in StablePay, since the integration of L2 SDK support for zkSync. Our app also supports the Spanish … Read more

Update: New StablePay Checkout for payments with zkSync

StablePay Dec 14, 2020路2 min read Now when you make your payments or donations through StablePay you will have the option to do it through L2 thanks to our latest integration of the zkSync protocol 馃寪. How can I make my payments in L2? When you receive a payment link through StablePay, you will now … Read more

Update: StablePay integrates the zkSync L2 protocol

StablePay Nov 16, 2020路3 min read At StablePay we are working on new ways to solve important issues in the payments segment of the DeFi ecosystem, leading us to integrate new tech that can reduce high transaction costs and optimize transaction speed. We are focusing our development on making a platform that allows anyone to … Read more

StablePay 2019 in review

StablePay Dec 25, 2019路3 min read StablePay launched on October 9, since then we have had many advances in improvements to the platform for user experiences, partnerships with other DeFi projects, new wallets integrations and more. What is StablePay? StablePay is a decentralized payment platform that enables users to make payments with Ether or any … Read more

StablePay support MCD and the new brand cDAI

StablePay Dec 10, 2019路2 min read tl;dr: After integrations such as support for ENS, new wallets and improvements to UX, we now support MCD and the new cDAI brand (Compound) 馃敟 馃檶. Two months after our beta launch, we have been working hard to improve the use of the platform and make it more accessible … Read more

StablePay adds ENS support, increase wallet integration and much more

StablePay Nov 18, 2019路3 min read tl;dr: We shipped ENS support, lots of wallet integrations, testnet support to play with the platform, improve UX for mobile and desktop and MCD support coming soon! 馃殌 馃殌 馃殌 A month after our beta launch, we have been working hard listening to our early users that have signed … Read more

Earn interest when you accept cryptocurrency donations and tips in your open source project

StablePay Nov 6, 2019路6 min read Here鈥檚 how you can start receiving tips and donations directly in your Github open source project in USD denominated cryptocurrency that earns interest. tl;dr: head over 馃憠 widget generator Enter you ethereum wallet address, and some settings. Paste the generated link or code in your Github repository or website. … Read more

DeFi donations and tips with StablePay

StablePay Oct 20, 2019路4 min read Here鈥檚 how you can start receiving tips and donations directly to DAI or cDAI supplied to Compound in seconds 馃敟. tl;dr: head over 馃憠 https://stablepay.io/urlEnter you ethereum address, requested amount and share. That is all you need to get started 馃敟 馃檶. StablePay is a decentralized donations/ payments platform … Read more

StablePay Beta is live on mainnet

StablePay Oct 10, 2019路2 min read Here鈥檚 how you can get started. StablePay.io tl;dr: Our Beta is ready! 馃殌 StablePay is a decentralized donations/ payments platform that enables you to receive DAI or cDAI (Compound DAI) regardless of the source token transferred. Alice sends ETH or XYZ ERC20 and Bob gets DAI or cDAI. Out … Read more

Designing Smart Contracts for Multi-Protocol Integration

StablePay Mar 25, 2019路4 min read This is the second introductory post for StablePay, you can find the first one here if you missed it. StablePay is a platform built on top of ethereum comprised of a set of contracts that aggregate existing value transfer protocols on the network through an open design architecture. The … Read more